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Petticoat Detective (2014)

Petticoat Detective (2014)
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Barbour Publishing, Inc.
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Petticoat Detective (2014)
Petticoat Detective (2014)

About book: Monster tay me.”
Amy twisted and turned until her bedding tied up in knots. She flopped over on her back and stared at the ceiling. The house seemed especially restless tonight. Its studs groaned and joints creaked. Was it possible for a house to absorb the fears and worries of inhabitants? Or was it simply the ghosts of the past having a bad night?
The half moon peered through the open window, and lace curtains fluttered in the gentle breeze. Shadows danced across the room much like Cissy’s last words danced in her head.
The sheriff believed that Cissy had wandered from the house in the middle of the night. “Children do that all the time,” he’d said.
Now as then, she questioned his theory. Cissy woke up crying on that long-ago night and claimed a monster had tried to take her. Amy calmed her down and told her that it was just a bad dream. “There’s no such thing as a monster.” But what if it hadn’t been a nightmare? What if someone really had tried to snatch her sister out of her bed?
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