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TouchStone For Giving (The Story Of Us Trilogy)

TouchStone for giving (The Story of Us Trilogy)
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TouchStone For Giving (The Story Of U...
TouchStone For Giving (The Story Of Us Trilogy)

About book: I stand and straighten my skirt. “Yes, of course.” I walk in that direction and he follows closely behind. Ayden and I stand at the foot of the bed, holding hands.
He closes the door. “You’ve had the bolt repaired?”
“Yes, Mr. Stone had his people sort that out for me.” I rest my free hand on his arm as an appreciative gesture.
He reads his notes. “And the window? That too?”
I nod and smile.
“And what about the drawers? Has he had those replaced for you too?”
    The drawers … “I’m sorry, the drawers …” I feel Ayden’s hand tightening on mine. “The drawers weren’t broken.”
“Oh, I know they weren’t broken Miss Parker, but there was traces of DNA on them, I just assumed …” He’s touched a nerve.
“DNA?” What is he talking about? “What do you mean?”
“I mean that the perpetrator had been in your home prior to his secondary visit in the early hours.”
“I’m sorry… Plain English please.”
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