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Drowning In Her Eyes (2016)

Drowning in Her Eyes (2016)
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Drowning In Her Eyes (2016)
Drowning In Her Eyes (2016)

About book: The Baker family rode the rails. There would be a new Chevrolet waiting for them there. It was an exciting time for them all, to see so much of their country. The train passed through the northeast, down through New York and Baltimore to Washington, DC, then across to Chicago and south through the Mid-west to Albuquerque. The journey was broken several times to visit cities and landmarks alike.
    “Take your time, Jimmy,” said Bob Phillips. “You have a big job waiting for you, and you need a vacation. Give the family a good look at our great country, and, remember, Worcester Electronic is picking up the check.”
    It had been quite a journey, starting with the family meeting when Jimmy reached home and delivered his news. It was not greeted with overwhelming joy. Marci was concerned for her family, particularly her aging mother. She had other siblings to look after her, but Marci was closer to her mother than the others were. Susan was happy to move, despite leaving her friends behind.
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