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Hope Springs

Hope Springs
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Shadow Mountain
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Hope Springs
Hope Springs

About book: But Tavish was walking with her as she made the deliveries, and his company made the outing more pleasant than it would have been otherwise. She held her now-empty bread basket against her hip with one hand and rubbed her neck with the other. Her whole body had ached all day.
    “Have you a stiff neck, Sweet Katie?” Tavish asked. He held the basket that yet had a few loaves in it.
    She twisted her head from side to side, though it hardly helped. “I had a little girl kicking me most of the night. I’m afraid I didn’t sleep well.”
    “And you didn’t push her right out of bed and onto the floor?” His smile added a laugh to the question.
    Katie shoved him with her shoulder, shaking her head at his teasing. “A horrible thing to even suggest, you troublesome man. She was there first, although ’twas my own bed, and I’d be a selfish person indeed to toss a child out onto the cold ground.
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