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Drops Of Gold (2008)

Drops of Gold (2008)
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Drops Of Gold (2008)
Drops Of Gold (2008)

About book: So I give it two stars because it really was just ok. I liked the story, but I felt like it was too much like Jane Eyre. I just feel like that has been done and done so well that that story cannot be touched...kind of like singing a song that Whitney Houston has song...not a good idea because its just not going to be as good. BUT cheesy romance story lover that I am, I still couln't put the book down and I loved all the cheesy romantic bits. I felt like the story moved too fast though...I know weird complaint, but I was expecting a little more sexual tension between the two but there were really only a couple scenes where that was felt and then bam! He was in love with her...which I thought strange for a man that was going through what he was going through. Still it was a fun entertaining read. The thing I keep noticing about this series again and again is that the books are all so DIFFERENT. They have the perfect combination of being so different but not being too "out there" that readers could not relate. Now, I am not usually a cryer in books. I am always the oblivious reader who doesn't suspect anything and then after that one line I just sit in shock. But I don't cry. It just doesn't happen. I cried in this book three times. It was just so deep, so powerful. It wasn't one of those light, fluffy romances that are cute and fun. No, this was deep, meaningful stuff, but not too heavy to make the reader want to collapse. I loved it. If you read this book and don't cry from the sheer power of it, you are a... human being with some problems. ☺PS Please read The Kiss of a Stranger and then Friends and Foes before you read this. They provide good back-story along with being equally AMAZING but DIFFERENT books.
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Another great read-aloud book! Not as light hearted as some of her others, but I still loved it.
This a very emotionally charged book with a positive undertone. I enjoyed reading it immensely.
I really enjoy all of Sarah Eden's books and this one did not disappoint me.
Love the story-telling aspect of this story.
Sequel to Friend and Foes. Cute love story.
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