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Affectations (2008)

Affectations (2008)
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Sarah M. Eden
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Affectations (2008)
Affectations (2008)

About book: I really love this book. Of the Lancaster/Jonquil series, it's my favorite. Philip is just a wonderful hero and Sorrel matches him so well. I love their sparring, but their courtship is very well written. They have lots of interaction which makes it easy to watch them fall in love. Sorrel is definitely not a typical regency heroine and I love that Philip accepts and adores her with all her frailties. It was unbelievably childish. A grown man,let alone a spy wouldn't think the way that hero did in this. He can joke around, get people laugh with him or, to him,even. But in a book we get to see the inside of a person's mind, and that was not the way to do it. Secondly, it irritate me,the insult which hero had accomplished to deliver at the beginning. It was unnecessary, even if he's in a role, his role was not require harshness. And he and everyone around him regret it only, because she is,in fact,crippled. There is no way to apologize for it,in my opinion. Actually,it would be better,if he knew the situation, acted this way knowingly even though without meaning it and than ask for forgiveness..I hated him when he has left her on the floor.Way to make a character loveable.Misunderstood issue.. My God what an utter nonsense was that..Aand I was bored most of the time.Now,for the good part.. hero's fake admiration of himself, got never old,was hilarious. His playfulness was so great,the one too many star is just for his contribution. when he talk of course,again I did not like his inner thoughts.That last good thing had kept me going, otherwise I would have resigned not to finish at page 5.
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Ok I told you I was addicted so just bare with me as I go through this phase and my brain turns to mush!! (hahaha) I got this book because it had Crispins (from a Strangers Kiss) friend Philip in it. I loved Philip in A Strangers Kiss, so of course I was going to read this book. I just glanced at some review and saw that it wasn't highly rated, but I am not picky and totally easily entertained so I was not bothered too much by the bad reviews. Anyway...I LOVED IT!! I know there are probably a gazillion things wrong with this book but I loved it all!! I LOVED Philip! I LOVED Sorrel! Its kinda like a Scarlet pimpernel meets Pride and Prejudice and I just loved it because those are two of my most favorite books. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Jonquil brothers and I can't wait to read the other two she has out and I really really hope she writes a book for each brother!! hehehe!! There I told you my brain is turning to mush...I sound like a 15 year old in this review!! hahahaha
This enjoyable romance features an unusual character--a disabled woman--as the female protagonist. A good story without the usual plethora of false obstacles to the resolution of the characters' relationship. I would probably give it five stars if the male protagonist, Philip Jonquil, were not so obviously derived from the Scarlet Pimpernel--the authors should at least credit Baroness Orczy in some way.
Second Sarah Eden book I've read, and I've loved them both.
Shared with my bookclub. They loved it.
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