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The Ramshackle Knight (2008)

The Ramshackle Knight (2008)
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The Ramshackle Knight (2008)
The Ramshackle Knight (2008)

About book: I was just in the mood, again, for a period romance story. I really enjoyed this book. I was a little worried at first with how fast the situation arose with "The kiss of a stranger." But I loved how it was the event that changed the lives of both main characters in such drastic ways. He who wants to get away from the women of society who are after only a title and his money and she who is rescued from a brutal uncle who has inherited all of her wealth after her parents both had died. I thought the author did a good job in developing the relationship between Crispin and Catherine as well as introducing and developing the other characters that meant so much in this story. I enjoyed the fact that this was a very clean story with no sex just the developing chemistry and eventual love between Crispin and Catherine. I love that the Author enjoys the regency era and has done her homework. I love how tender Crispin was with Catherine and I enjoyed going through the thoughts and the emotions with them on their journey. I like how it pertains to us today in marriage. We often marry thinking that we know the person we have married and understand them but as we go through life with them, we peel back layers and learn more and more about them and we come to love them entirely. This shouldn't be a 4 star read for me. The BM (Big Misunderstanding) drives. me. crazy. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Especially when (as in this book) it primarily drives the plot. Additionally, the hero vacillates between insensitive jerk and super caring savior at the touch of a hot button. Thirdly, his name. I'm sorry, but Crispin? I cringed each time I read it. And Cavratt I constantly read as Cravatt. Lastly, several jarring editing misses.So why the 4 stars? Because aside from all that, it was a romantic, sweet, clean (but not preachy), engaging, mostly well-written, fairly original Regency - and those are hard to come by and worth celebrating. I am interested enough to seek out more of the author's work.
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I love a good Regency romance and this one was good. I loved that Crispin was kind and gentle with Catherine instead of being aggravated about the forced marriage. I also like the spirit and humor that Catherine was able to show despite her horrendous circumstances! What I didn't like was the misunderstandings between the two once they start falling in love. I know it's pretty common in romances but I wish they had communicated better instead of just assuming the worst about what the other one left unsaid. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to reading more of this author. :)
I am a big fan of Sarah M Eden works. I have read most of her books and I enjoy them all, they are easy reads with fun characters and always a cute romantic story. But what I like is it isn't the same story over and over they all are a bit different. I enjoyed this one because it catches you off guard a bit. And added more depth to my favorite group of jonquil brothers and their associates. It was a good book that I would recommend.
I enjoy her clean, romantic, period books.
Loved it! So sad when it ended!
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