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Read Series: The Jonquil Brothers

by Author Sarah M. Eden


Affectations (2008)

I really love this book. Of the Lancaster/Jonquil series, it's my favorite. Philip is just a wonderful hero and Sorrel matches him so well. I love their sparring, but their courtship is very well written. They have lots of interaction which makes it easy to watch them fall in love. Sorrel is defi...

Affectations (2008) by Sarah M. Eden

Friends and Foes (2012)

I thought this was another quick, fun and clean read. I have enjoyed all the Jonquil Brothers books. All of the books have kind of the same formula but each is still very different in story line and characters so I don't mind that too much. I get a little annoyed by the fact that most of her c...

Friends and Foes (2012) by Sarah M. Eden

Drops of Gold (2008)

So I give it two stars because it really was just ok. I liked the story, but I felt like it was too much like Jane Eyre. I just feel like that has been done and done so well that that story cannot be touched...kind of like singing a song that Whitney Houston has song...not a good idea because i...

Drops of Gold (2008) by Sarah M. Eden