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The Lost Journal (A Secret Apocalypse Story)

The Lost Journal (A Secret Apocalypse Story)
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The Lost Journal (A Secret Apocalypse...
The Lost Journal (A Secret Apocalypse Story)

About book: OK, technically it is a diary.
Dear Diary...
Nah. I'm not going to do that. I just can’t bring myself to write those words. Even though I just sort of did write those words.
But anyways… Yes, Kenji. This is a diary. But I think I'm going to call it a journal. Sounds less girly, I guess.
So why am I writing a journal? Good question.
I’m not proud to admit it, but over the last two years I’ve made a lot of stupid decisions.
And these stupid decisions just so happened to be life changing.
Let me explain…   Stupid life changing decision number 1:   I left home for military school without telling Rebecca.
  I don’t know why I didn’t say goodbye. Maybe it was because I was scared. Maybe it’s because I’m a coward.
In the end there was a part of me that thought she was too fragile to hear what I had to say. I didn’t want to hurt her. I didn’t want to see her cry.
It seems so stupid now. Of course I should’ve said goodbye.
And I should’ve told her how I felt.
I think about her every day.
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