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The Wyndham Legacy (1994)

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The Wyndham Legacy (1994) - Plot & Excerpts

Normally I love Catherine Coulter novels but this book was horrible. (view spoiler)[I have major problems with the relationship between Marcus and the Duchess. In at least two scenes, there is non consensual sex between the couple. It is NOT romantic when the Duchess says, "No" and tells Marcus that he is hurting her but he takes her anyway. I would call that rape.Second, why is there so much violence between the two? I understand the idea of a fiery passion but this is flat out domestic violence. The duchess literally hits Marcus so hard that he is knocked unconscious. On top of all this, Marcus is horribly nasty and verbally abusive to the Duchess. In the last 50 pages or so, she grows a spine and starts standing up for herself but its hard to really see her as a strong character after she's put up with so much crap.Let's also not forget the whole withholding of the seed to prevent the Duchess from carrying his heir. Then he is such a jerk about her getting pregnant but its supposed to be okay because he spends one page in the entire novel apologizing for it later. Yuck. (hide spoiler)]

I loved this story. Marcus was terrible for most of the book, but Coulter does a great job showing why he is this way. Her background on the Dutchess was wonderful. Although I thought the first cousins was kindof gross, I know that was common at the time. Marcus had been very cruel at times, when he realizes what he has done to the Dutchess emotionally, he does not skim over the degree of wounding he caused, but makes amends, and changes. ThI liked the Dutchess' journey from cold reserve from deep pain to finally standing up for herself, I loved the scene in the barn. I liked the things that Marcus would do to get her to show emotion, their interactions made up the most of the book, and it was delightful.The mystery was done well and the villain a surprise. Sometimes the mystery gets in the way and is almost irrelavent, this one was well done. The supporting characters were VERY well done. The aunt Willie was terrible and absolutely hilarious.All in all, a good read.

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I promised no more romance, and maybe I lied just a little. I'm willing to make exceptions for AMAZINGLY researched historical romance: i.e., Gabaldon, John Jakes, etc. Back in high school, when I could admit to reading such fluff, I got into Catherine Coulter and Katherine Woodiwiss, historical romance writers who actually seemed to research the periods they were writing in. Unlike Gabaldon and Jakes, who in my opinion are probably the best I've seen in the field, (and whose expected sex scenes don't use words like "member" and "manhood",) Coulter and Woodiwiss still manage to put out a great story, despite the not so-riveting sex. (Seriously, if I have to read something about bodices heaving ONE more time, I think my head may spin off.) On another note, (one I rarely admit,) sometimes I girl just needs to kick out her boyfriend and curl up with a cup of tea and a good historical romance. Egads. I really AM a girl. I think I may swoon.
—Tara Lynn

The book was easy to hang onto and with flowing writing, I followed the plot as it unraveled. As time moves on, however, I find myself only reading to witness one minor event that is incoming, not for the end or 'what happens' to both of the main characters. I don't particularly like either of the main characters, I'm not sure if this is intentional or if their qualities simply don't appeal to me. Indeed I find Badger to be the best of the entire set. It's very hard for me to find a fiction/romance that I really don't like, but following the events of this story leaves a rotten taste in my mouth. Mrs Coulter certainly can write, it's not the style that doesn't appeal. While the book itself was hard to get through, the last quarter was amazing and hard to put down. It was then that I really began to embrace the lead characters.

da www.sognipensieriparole.comAttirata da una dolcissima cover (molto romantica), ho iniziato questo Introvabile piena di aspettative. E l'inizio, in effetti, con questa ragazzina strana, la "bastarda" di un conte, che riesce a farsi strada tra le insidie della famiglia legittima, è molto intrigante.Duchessa appare bella, pacata ma molto determinata (un fuoco nascosto che minaccia di divampare).Poi il tutto degenera in una sorta di telenovela brasiliana, con testamenti a sorpresa, matrimoni sotto l'effetto di droga, consumazioni "rubate" con l'inganno, tesori nascosti, monaci medievali che agitano i sogni o gli incubi della protagonista, cattivissimi improbabili, ecc. Lui dovrebbe essere l'uomo Alfa e viene manovrato come una marionetta, lei alterna gelido self-control a attacchi di isteria.Mancavano gli UFO e poi la macedonia potrebbe dirsi completa.Alla fine, se c'è una storia d'amore, a me è sfuggita. Le scene d'amore sono scialbe e orripilanti.L'unica nota di colore sono i siparietti messi in scena dalla servitù. (Il che la dice lunga sull'andamento del libro.)
—Amarilli Settantatre

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