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Whiplash (2010)

Very much enjoyed "Whiplash," my first Catherine Coulter book, and I so appreciate being able to jump in right in the middle of a series and still understand what's going on. This book appealed to me because of its plotline involving a sudden shortage of a much-needed chemotherapy drug. Loved the...

Whiplash (2010) by Catherine Coulter

Backfire (2012)

Back Fire is an FBI Thriller by Catherine Coulter. She takes her FBI duo, Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, from Washington, DC to San Francisco to help a friend. The plot thickens and twists as they try to locate a killer. This book is one of my favorite ones about the FBI. Judge Ramsey Hunt...

Backfire (2012) by Catherine Coulter

Lost Key, The (2014)

The first day on the job with the FBI and Nicholas Drummond and Mike Caine are sent to investigate a mugging that occurred on Federal property. While there, someone recognizes the mugger standing in the crowd and the agents begin a chase that ends in death to him due to a hidden toxic poison pell...

Lost Key, The (2014) by Catherine Coulter

Prince of Ravenscar (2011)

weak ending but I enjoyed the read Terrible, plot was confusing and uninteresting. Couldn't get into it enough to even read half

Prince of Ravenscar (2011) by Catherine Coulter

The Prince of Ravenscar (2012)

Walked past this book in the library.I am so glad I picked it up.I was surprised to find this a new tale in the Sherbrooke series. I had finished the series a couple of years back and was sad to have it end. I am so glad that I was wrong.Ms. Coulter's characters are a riot. In this story the sill...

The Prince of Ravenscar (2012) by Catherine Coulter

Born To Be Wild (2006)

I absolutely love Catherine Coulter...but I was somewhat disappointed with Born to be Wild. The story starts with an attempted murder, or so it seems. Because there was one credible witness and the target was a famous soap opera star, it becomes a high priority case. The thing is, there isn't muc...

Born To Be Wild (2006) by Catherine Coulter

The Heiress Bride (1993)

baca novel ini aq ngakak abis2an dengan tingkah2 para kakak beradik sherbrooke termasuk pasangan2 mereka.novel ini dari skala 1 - 10 kukasih 9.8 dehbuku ke 3 ini bercerita ttg Joan Sherbrooke or yang lebih dikenal dengan nama sinjun.usia sinjun sudah menginjak usia untuk menikah.sang ibu sudah ng...

The Heiress Bride (1993) by Catherine Coulter

The Scottish Bride (2001)

kali ini bercerita ttg Tysen Sherbrooke, is a dour vicar and a widower with three children who arrives in Scotland after inheriting a barony and a castle.kedatangan tysen tidak begitu disambut dengan tangan terbuka oleh warganya mengingat tysen adl orang inggris apalagi bangsawan yg terkenal "tid...

The Scottish Bride (2001) by Catherine Coulter

Point Blank (2007)

I have a little time between deadlines now so I dug into the latest bag of books a friend gave me and pulled out this Catherine Coulter paperback. It's one of her FBI thrillers so I knew I would enjoy it. Her star characters, FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, are married now and have...

Point Blank (2007) by Catherine Coulter

Lord Harry (2003)

The whole gender-bender plotlines are one of my favorites but also one of the most difficult for an author to pull off. In this story, Henrietta Rolland aka Lord Harry Monlieth, is on a mission to avenge her brother's death from the man she believes is responsible for engineering the plot that p...

Lord Harry (2003) by Catherine Coulter

The Edge (2000)

First off, I liked this book. It wasn't boring. It was more than fluff, less than hard-boiled. I'd recommend it. The reason that I'm saying this up front is that there were a few issues I had with the writing, but they weren't major enough to affect my rating. I found it really, REALLY obvio...

The Edge (2000) by Catherine Coulter

The Beginning (2005)

The Cove and The Maze, the first two thrillers in the FBI series, for the first time together in one volume. In these exciting novels of intrigue and suspense, readers are introduced to Special Agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock-and they'll watch the sparks fly as the agents' relationship...

The Beginning (2005) by Catherine Coulter

The Target (1999)

REVIEW OF AUDIO & EBOOK; FEBRUARY 6, 2015Narrator: Sharon WilliamsThe Narrator: Williams wasn't as good as Ericksen, who narrated the previous book, The Maze. Her voice for the little girl, Emma, was not very good. Emma sounded like a teen rather than a 6 year-old girl.The Story: I always try to ...

The Target (1999) by Catherine Coulter

Jade Star (2002)

Beautiful Juliana DuPres knew she should give herself to Dr. Michael "Saint" Morris body and soul. He was everything a woman could want - handsome, kind, and now her husband as well, after rescuing her from her kidnapper, the brutal Jameson Wilkes. Even as Michael held her in his strong arm and c...

Jade Star (2002) by Catherine Coulter

Afterglow (2006)

When David and Chelsea first meet, a hook up via their best friends, they despise one another, but that tension soon blossoms into something else--attraction. Had I realized that this book was originally published in 1987 and contained all the slang and references to technology that go along with...

Afterglow (2006) by Catherine Coulter

Double Take (2007)

Double Take - FBI Thriller #11 - Savich and Sherlock - (Julia Ransom and Sheney Stone [also Dixon and Ruth]) - Several plots going on - Dixon is looking for his wife. Cheney is rescuing Julia from death and from the Psychic world (as she is the widow of a psychic). It's been more than six months ...

Double Take (2007) by Catherine Coulter

The Valentine Legacy (1996)

My only problem with this book is it took James so long to tell Jessie that he loves her. I think his love for Jessie goes way back from the beginning where they were both competitors in the horse-racing business. This is the typical story where the girl likes the guy but the only way she knows h...

The Valentine Legacy (1996) by Catherine Coulter

The Maze (1998)

This review is in reference to the audio book version.The Maze started out so well that I actually began to look forward to reading/listening to the other FBI books that Catherine Coulter has written. However, in part due to the narrator's sometimes sing-song voice, the prose began to grate on me...

The Maze (1998) by Catherine Coulter

Hemlock Bay (2002)

FBI Agent Dillon Savich is on a challenging case involving the kidnapping of two teenage boys, when trouble boils up in his personal life. His younger sister, Lily, has crashed her Explorer into a redwood in California's Hemlock Bay. Is it another suicide attempt, the second since the loss of h...

Hemlock Bay (2002) by Catherine Coulter

Pendragon (2001)

3.5*This very much reminded me of Julie Garwood's style, especially where the ditzy heroine was concerned, but less sweet and with a couple of darker edges in some points of the plot. I know I have been complaining a bit, but I actually liked it and I would have liked it more had the heroine been...

Pendragon (2001) by Catherine Coulter

Blind Side (2015)

Sam Kettering is six years old, and hes been kidnapped. He escapes through a bedroom window when his kidnappers are arguing. He runs as fast as his little legs will carry him. He emerges from a wooded area right into the arms of sheriff Katie Benedict and her five year year old daughter Keely. K...

Blind Side (2015) by Catherine Coulter

Wild Star (2002)

If this book weren't a romance, here's what would happen: Our protagonist Byrony learns to stand up to and leave behind all the people who try to control her, including her stepfather, ex-husband and dark lover Brent. But as this is a romance, she must stay with Brent no matter what - sigh. Once ...

Wild Star (2002) by Catherine Coulter

Warrior's Song (2001)

Originally published under the title Chandra, this is the stunning novel that first introduced Graelam de Moreton of Catherine Coulter's magnificent series: Fire Song, Earth Song, and Secret Song. Completely revised, rewritten and repackaged, Warrior's Song takes its rightful place as a prequel t...

Warrior's Song (2001) by Catherine Coulter

Devil's Daughter (1985)

Enthralling Sequel to DEVIL’S EMBRACE!Set in 1803 in the Mediterranean, this is the sequel to DEVIL'S EMBRACE (to which I also gave 5 stars), and tells the story of Adam and Arabella Welles, the children of Cassie and Anthony Welles. Equally intense and equally well written as DEVIL'S EMBRACE, th...

Devil's Daughter (1985) by Catherine Coulter

The Nightingale Legacy (1995)

2 1/2 stars. The only real problem I had with this book was the dialog. Nothing seemed to flow naturally at all, and it really ruined the book for me. I liked the main characters a lot, and most of the secondary characters - although North's staff got a little overboard a lot, and no employer wou...

The Nightingale Legacy (1995) by Catherine Coulter

Blow Out (2005)

My opinion - not her best work.Savich, Sherlock and their son, Sean, are spending some family time at a cabin in the Poconos. On his way back from the market, Savich’s SUV blows a tire. Just as he’s done changing it, a woman comes running out of nowhere, not suitably dressed for the weather, scre...

Blow Out (2005) by Catherine Coulter

Eleventh Hour (2003)

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes Eleventh Hour. The murder of a priest leads FBI agents Sherlock and Savich to their most baffling case yet, in this riveting novel of suspense. When Father Michael Joseph is viciously murdered in his San Francisco church, his identical twin bro...

Eleventh Hour (2003) by Catherine Coulter

Lord of Raven's Peak (1994)

Merrik Haraldsson, the younger brother of Rorik, the Lord of Hawkfell Island, embarks on a journey that begins in Kiev where he comes away with two slaves--Laren and her younger brother. Laren wants to tell stories to earn enough silver and gold to buy her and her little brother from Merik, only ...

Lord of Raven's Peak (1994) by Catherine Coulter

The Wyndham Legacy (1994)

Normally I love Catherine Coulter novels but this book was horrible. (view spoiler)[I have major problems with the relationship between Marcus and the Duchess. In at least two scenes, there is non consensual sex between the couple. It is NOT romantic when the Duchess says, "No" and tells Marcus t...

The Wyndham Legacy (1994) by Catherine Coulter

Night Fire (2014)

ONLY HIS BURNING LOVE COULD SAVE HER. Trapped into a loveless marriage, Arielle Leslie knew a life of shame and degregation. Even after the death of her brutal husband, she was unable to free herself from the shackles of humiliation. Only Burke Drummond's love could save her . . . if she let it....

Night Fire (2014) by Catherine Coulter

The Sherbrooke Bride (1992)

I reviewed this book for my blog www.bookworm2bookworm.wordpress.comA couple of months ago I've read "The Valcourt Heiress" by CC, and my disappointment was so profound, that I gave that book a very scathing review, which brought forth a very lively discussion on Amazon, as well as with some of m...

The Sherbrooke Bride (1992) by Catherine Coulter

The Penwyth Curse (2002)

Honestly don't know if I'll make it through this one...I'm listening to it on audio during my commute to work, and the main character is really grating on my nerves. I've never really been into the plot where two characters hate each other and then fall in love...and Sir Bishop is a real ass, so...

The Penwyth Curse (2002) by Catherine Coulter

Fire Song (2002)

Coulter's medieval melody continues-second in the song series. Lord Graelam de Moreton is willing to accept his new bride, Kassia, as she appears-innocent and guileless. But appearances can be deceiving...

Fire Song (2002) by Catherine Coulter

Lord of Falcon Ridge (1995)

Dear Reader:When Chessa is kidnapped by Ragnor of York, Cleve sets out to rescue her. After all, he's the one who negotiated her marriage to William of Normandy, and his word is on the line. When a storm blows Chessa and her kidnappers onto Hawkfell Island, outrageous complications set in.In the ...

Lord of Falcon Ridge (1995) by Catherine Coulter

Lord of Hawkfell Island (1993)

Dear Reader: Rorik is a Viking warrior, as fierce and savage as the North Sea during the winter solstice. Mirana is a Viking woman who loves birds, is more ingenious than most men, and loyal down to her toes. Her life changes utterly one fateful day when Rorik and his men come to Clontarf, a Vik...

Lord of Hawkfell Island (1993) by Catherine Coulter

Moonspun Magic (2004)

She felt his tongue gently stroke her lips...and his hands, caressing her shoulders, moved downward to mold her hips. "No, please," she said, sobbing with desire...Beautiful Victoria Abermarle feared and fled the imperious desires of handsome Damien Carstairs, Baron Drago. But there was no escapi...

Moonspun Magic (2004) by Catherine Coulter

Midnight Star (2005)

She fought brazenly against his manly strength and power...but when her lips touched his in a stormy, rapturous kiss, the fire of her desire could no longer be denied... Young British heiress Chauncey FitzHugh held out her arms to the man she had come to San Francisco to ruin... as he had financi...

Midnight Star (2005) by Catherine Coulter

Rosehaven (1997)

This is a historical romance of the bodice ripper variety. It's pretty epically bad. I'd say something, but my brains leaked out of my ears due to all the "man's body" and the "flaccid man's rod hiding in the thick bush," so I'm probably going to have to wait on anything resembling coherent.---Al...

Rosehaven (1997) by Catherine Coulter

Earth Song (2002)

Dear Reader: Philippa de Beauchamp, as impulsive as she is beautiful, flees her father's castle when she hears she is to be wed to the repellent Baron de Bridgport. But her daring escape in a wool wagon quickly becomes a misadventure, and she winds up in the arms of Dienwalk de Fortenberry, a rog...

Earth Song (2002) by Catherine Coulter

The Rebel Bride (2006)

THE UNLIKELY YOUNG LADYClearly young Lady Katharine Brandon was a beauty, with her rich auburn hair, striking green eyes, flawless face and form. But a beauty was one thing Katharine clearly had no interest in being.She dressed in a young man's breeches, practiced dueling with pistol and rapier, ...

The Rebel Bride (2006) by Catherine Coulter

Season of the Sun (2002)

What a ridiculous book. This is the second Catherine Coulter book I've picked up and it is the only one of her books I actually managed to finish (just barely).I honestly don't know how is it possible that this woman is a considered to be a successful romance author. Her writing style gives me a ...

Season of the Sun (2002) by Catherine Coulter

Beyond Eden (1991)

First published in 1991, Beyond Eden was one of Catherine Coulter's early contemporary novels of romantic suspense. Now updated and beautifully repackaged, Beyond Eden will electrify the readers who have made her contemporary thrillers major bestsellers. It is the story of a successful model who ...

Beyond Eden (1991) by Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter Collection: The Cove, The Maze, and Eleventh Hour (2004)

The Cove (Sandra Burr, Joyce Bean, Melissa Coates): The Cove is a quaint little postcard town made up only of old folk who sell the World's Greatest Ice Cream - a secret recipe that brings lots of tourists into town. Into The Cove comes Sally Brainerd, daughter of murdered Amory St. John of Washi...

Catherine Coulter Collection: The Cove, The Maze, and Eleventh Hour (2004) by Catherine Coulter

Secret Song (1991)

First published in 1991, this is the final novel in the medieval Song Series by the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

Secret Song (1991) by Catherine Coulter

Knock Out

And so she told her daughter the truth. She nodded. “I was telling Ethan about your daddy’s family, sweetheart, about how they behaved, what they were like.” Autumn tightened all over. Joanna said, “Did you get some rest, sweetie?” Autumn nodded. “I woke up from my nap, Mama. Big Louie was lickin...

Knock Out by Catherine Coulter

Power Play (An FBI Thriller)

Hooley survived the night. They’d pulled his breathing tube out at the crack of dawn and he was breathing on his own. He was stable, the nurses had said. She repeated every positive word she’d heard. She stood over him, lightly tracing her fingers over his still face. His breathing and heart rate...

Power Play (An FBI Thriller) by Catherine Coulter


Rachael said, shading her eyes and staring up at the clear blue summer sky, the thready white clouds. She pushed her hair behind her ears, tugged at the skinny braid. “Hard to believe there’s so much actual bad out there in the world.” “I fear bad is rampant in the land,” Jack said. “But it’s not...

TailSpin by Catherine Coulter

Split Second

He caught the ball with both hands, then pulled it close to his chest, just as Savich had taught him.“Way to go, champ.”Savich had moved the small entry table to the dining room, so there wasn’t much left to destroy. It was dark outside, and it was, after all, football season, so what were he and...

Split Second by Catherine Coulter

The Countess

I was thinking that Mrs. Redbreast had forgotten to lock the door again after all the commotion yesterday.He came into the room. I didn’t have to see or hear to know that it was him. There was a new spark in the air itself.“I was told that you have changed your tale. Now you are agreeing with eve...

The Countess by Catherine Coulter


Dromoland had once been the stronghold of the O’Briens and was now a huge, turreted Gothic-style stone building that had been turned into a hotel in the early part of the century. It was a sprawling grand mass of stone, set amid the most beautiful park they’d ever seen. They were in the Speath Su...

THE FBI THRILLERS COLLECTION Books 1-5 by Catherine Coulter


It was the part she’d been waiting for since she’d moved to L.A. two years ago, and she knew she’d nailed it. She kept staring at her cell phone, willing it to ring. Euphoria didn’t come close to how she felt, until she took that call from Detective Arturo Loomis of the Santa Monica police warnin...

Insidious by Catherine Coulter

The End Game (2015)

Since he was staying at a nice hotel, it was piping hot and he knew it wouldn’t run out, like it sometimes did in Jordan, even in his exquisite villa. He washed himself slowly, luxuriating in the loofah gliding over his skin. Everything was back on track.     Once dressed, he ...

The End Game (2015) by Catherine Coulter

KnockOut (2009)

An hour later, forensic expert and team leader Dirk Platt walked to where Savich and Sherlock stood watching the operation at Martin Backman’s grave site. He was shaking his head even as he said, “Sorry, guys, but there are no bodies here.” “She moved them,” Sherlock said. “Blessed notified her a...

KnockOut (2009) by Catherine Coulter

The FBI Thrillers Collection

He straightened, his head down. His lips were moving, but she couldn’t hear what he was saying to his brother.     Finally, he raised his head and smiled at her. He said simply, “Michael loved Easter, and that means lilies.” He paused a moment. “I will miss him until I die. Bu...

The FBI Thrillers Collection by Catherine Coulter

The Sherbrooke Series Novels 1-5

She stepped off the bed, tripped, and fell to her hands and knees on the carpet because the bed was raised a good three feet off the floor.     “No,” she shouted at him as she scrambled to her feet. He was already halfway out of his chair to help her.     “...

The Sherbrooke Series Novels 1-5 by Catherine Coulter

Devil's Embrace

She screamed and struggled to free herself of their hold. She sobbed helplessly as her legs were wrenched apart.“Cassie! Love, wake up.”The earl was shaking her, pulling her from the horror, but she couldn’t seem to stop the wrenching sobs that tore from her throat. Her nightgown clung to her, da...

Devil's Embrace by Catherine Coulter


“Tell me.”“It seems that Fatso/Clancy got out of the van before it blew. They haven’t found him yet. The hunt will begin in earnest early tomorrow morning, at first light. If he’s still in the forest, he might be dead of his wounds or pneumonia by morning. But I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.”...

Blindside by Catherine Coulter

Twice Dead (2010)

Your whereabouts will not be leaked. As you know, the media is still in a frenzy over the shooting of poor Jabbers. The country is primarily amused at his audacity, titillated, glued to their TVs. Everyone wants to know about Krimakov, this man who swore to kill you twenty-some years ago. By shoo...

Twice Dead (2010) by Catherine Coulter

The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall

He was trying to grab up Pip and run out the door when he snapped awake at the yelling and banging on the front door. He threw on his dressing gown, grabbed his pistol off the shelf in his dressing room, and ran downstairs. He threw open the door to see Miranda and P.C., both in their nightclothe...

The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall by Catherine Coulter

The Duke

As she walked beside him through the entrance hall and across to the dining room, she felt the two guineas click together in her pocket. She had thought to give them to Lady Adella. Now she wasn’t quite certain what to do with them.“The past seems disturbingly alive,” the duke said thoughtfully, ...

The Duke by Catherine Coulter

Lord Harry's Folly

Hetty said formally, her voice as deep as she could make it, and bowed. She had the inescapable feeling that his lordship’s gray eyes saw straight through her coat, waistcoat, and shirt to her chemise. He was an extraordinarily handsome man, and as a woman, Hetty appreciated his smile in a way th...

Lord Harry's Folly by Catherine Coulter


For someone who wanted to fade into the woodwork, she wasn’t doing it very well. Everywhere she went, she was stared at, questioned, introduced to relatives. She was the girl who’d found the skeleton. She was even given special treatment at the Union 76 gas station at the end of Poison Oak Circle...

Riptide by Catherine Coulter


It was weather for boots, not loafers. Thankfully, the ground wasn’t soggy yet. The field had looked flat from a distance, but it wasn’t. They had to cut around rocks, rises, and ditches that made the going slow. When they finally reached the edge of the woods, they saw a narrow overgrown trail a...

Nemesis by Catherine Coulter

The Lost Key (2014)

He took a seat across from Sophie Pearce and stared at her, his look dark, violent, scary, because he didn’t say a word. Mike followed him more slowly, stood against the wall, her arms crossed, silent.     Nicholas said without preamble, his voice hard and low, “We know you’ve...

The Lost Key (2014) by Catherine Coulter

False Pretenses

You’re twenty-four years old. You graduated from Harvard. I want you to tell me what you want to do with your life.”Her granddaughter looked thin, the flesh of her face drawn too tightly over the bones. There were dark shadows beneath her expressive eyes, attesting that she wasn’t sleeping well. ...

False Pretenses by Catherine Coulter

The Offer

She eyed her host, saw that he was no longer paying her sufficient attention, and said, “Really, Charles, you must have some idea where his lordship could be. I thought you said that you yourself gave Phillip directions to Moreland. He isn’t here. I want him here. You will do something about this...

The Offer by Catherine Coulter

The Courtship

HE couldn’t believe it. He was immensely proud of his strength of will. He was also so randy he thought he would grind his teeth to dust. He’d had to button Helen’s gown up the back, but still he had managed to hold firm. He leaned forward to kiss her shoulder blade, then bit down on his lip. “No...

The Courtship by Catherine Coulter

Lord Deverill's Heir

EDMUNDS ENGLAND 1790 Magdalaine lay within herself again, waiting, waiting for the opium to shroud the ravaging pain in her body. She could scarce make out the high vaulted ceiling and the dark oak-paneled walls in the dim winter-afternoon light.     At last the pain is lessen...

Lord Deverill's Heir by Catherine Coulter


“Did you hear anything they were saying to each other?”Bobby shook his head. “No, but Justice Califano was intense. I remember he pulled some papers out of his jacket pocket, held them rolled up, and gestured with them in front of Justice Wallace’s chest, as if he were punctuating each of his wor...

Blowout by Catherine Coulter

The Deception (2025)

Edmund shouted. “Look, there’s Eve.” He was waving his arms wildly toward her. “She’s here to watch us swim. I’m glad she came. I didn’t think she believed that I was a good swimmer.” The die was cast. She was trapped. She knew he was looking at her, but he didn’t pause, didn’t hesitate, just kep...

The Deception (2025) by Catherine Coulter

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