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Alexandra's Legacy (2009)

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1605048038 (ISBN13: 9781605048031)
Samhain Publishing

Alexandra's Legacy (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

I don't normally give a full five stars but this was a book I REALLY enjoyed. I was iffy about reading this book at first for some reason but I had no need to be. This was a really good read... I loved the fact that Alex is a strong lead female , which I don't often find I encounter anymore.. She does what she has to and goes through what she does to survive.. She can be defiant and she's not one that will be kept from standing on the sidelines... The one part of the book that I found kind of funny were the few moments before she meets Joshua's brothers... I can only imagine one day being told I'm half were wolf and then having other members of other packs as well as were hunters after your ass lol.. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone that like's shifter books but also anyone who likes reading a book with a strong lead female character. There was nothing in this book!! No major climax!! Nothing that would make me get into this book at all. How lame can this book get?? It's luck that I am giving it one star for werewolves. The characters ticked me off that I was rooting for the bounty hunters to just kill Alex and Josh.The only thing was Alex and Josh making it to wolf creek. You would think there would be something big like the bounty hunters captured her or almost killed her (wish she didn't make it though). As for Josh, he needed to go. Right in the beginning of the book he comes in with a stupid hard on??? Dude, wait till you spend time with her!!! Anyways the book was just completely lame. There was no spark and I am not going to throw money away on this series if there isn't going to be exciting climax at some point. James is the only one in the entire book I actually cared for. The others can bend over backwards for all I care, nothing is changing my mind on liking them.

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loved it!!! This series was my very first read about werewolves. I am hooked.

Appears to be the start of a great new series by this author.

A great read! I loved Alexandra's spunk!

Review to follow.

3 3/4 stars

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