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The Valentine Legacy (1996)

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The Valentine Legacy (1996) - Plot & Excerpts

My only problem with this book is it took James so long to tell Jessie that he loves her. I think his love for Jessie goes way back from the beginning where they were both competitors in the horse-racing business. This is the typical story where the girl likes the guy but the only way she knows how to show it is by being mean to him. Same goes with the guy.They complement each other perfectly. I just felt bad for Jessie in the beginning where everybody was putting her down. Like she's not worth a thing. I felt really bad for her, especially when her mother and her older sister were putting her off. I was pissed off every time they do that. And her older sister, Glenda is it, was impossible. Talk about staring at a guys crotch purposely, I mean have some decency please. But a midst all that, it was really a cute story. Jessie was really lovable, she's the type of heroine that you would really root for her. And James was the type that you would want to conk in the head to make him realize that Jessie's the one for him. I love the parts where James is being sweet to Jessie assuring her that she's more that what people think of her. And I think those parts were the ones that James was falling in love with Jessie already. Love, love the last chapter where James won the race and then suddenly Jessie went to labor. After that, James was with her throughout the process of giving birth. I remember those were the moments that James started calling her "love" and it was so romantic. And then finally James admitting that he loves Jessie very much. That did it for me! So, over-all, not really a five-star type of story but was a really enjoyable read! Better than Nightingale Legacy! ♥

The Valentine Legacy was a delightful read. It was also my first Catherine Coulter novel and definitely will not be the last. Wit and humour were both used wisely and timely to build chemistry between Jessie Warfield and her love, James Wyndham. There was an absence of emotional intensity and dramatics and even without this, Jessie and James were still appealing characters. Their heartfelt bickering and eventual passion was a fun journey involving plenty of comical moments and light trials and tribulations. Since the gist of the story was the development of Jessie and James's relationship, the lack of a plot places much of the focus on them. There were moments that were tedious, overused and downright exasperating. Particularly, the "old-Jessie versus new-Jessie" comparisons. He may not realize it yet but he loves Jessie just as much as she loves him, a love that Jessie has nurtured from childhood into adulthood. Even though their antics were at times ridiculous, most times they were hilarious and this captured their chemistry well and showcased their suitability for each other.The plot was a simple one involving a bad memory from Jessie's past, which is recovered during a bad fall where she hits her head and is knocked out. Ever since, her lovemaking with James triggers a memory which leads them to solve a mystery and to cure her nightmares. They do so with help from familiar characters who are just as charming as the main ones. Along with mad guys, there are enlightening moments where James finally realizes that he truly loves Jessie.The ending left a great feeling. Everything fell into place steadily and satisfyingly like the end of an emotional roller-coaster ride.

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Jessie is a tomboy, racing horses and delighting in beating James Wyndham. James has slowly begun to realize that Jessie, the annoying brat, is actually a woman. And the series wouldn't be complete without another treasure hunt…I found this one to be slightly boring. James is slightly annoying with his 'no, you can't wear dresses' nonsense, but I never really disliked him. It did draw on too long, and the introduction of the treasure didn't even come until the last part of the book. The ending was quite creepy.

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