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Rumpel's Prize (2000)

Rumpel's Prize (2000)
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Rumpel's Prize (2000)
Rumpel's Prize (2000)

About book: I loved this story! This is the first book i read by Ms. Hall and i have to say: now i have one more author to look forward too! i can't wait for the next book to be released in July, 2014! there are 7 books prior to this one, which i will certainly pick up.FYI: this book was part of a bundle i purchased, so i had not read the other in the series, but the book works as a stand alone book very well and I have to say it was a wonderful introduction to a new author - whom i look forward to reading more from. Well, I certainly have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve only read the first book in Marie Hall’s Kingdom series and here I am reviewing the 8th book in the series. *shakes head* The good news is that even with my lapse, I wasn’t totally lost. The even better news is I now have even more reason to pick up where I left off.Who knew as an adult I’d fall in love with Rumplestiltskin? The Rumplestiltskin that we were introduced to as children is nothing like Marie Hall’s version. I haven’t read a lot of Fairy Tale based books, but this author seems to be a master at writing grown up versions of these familiar tales. I love her twists and takes on the stories we grew up with.Shayera and Rumple are fun… when they aren’t totally miserable. They are both broken and cursed and as attracted as they are to each other they know that they can’t be together. They both are holding too many secrets that have the potential to harm each other. Even though the outcome is inevitable, the twists, turns and secrets revealed didn’t make this story predictable at all.Now that I’ve read Rumple’s Prize I’m not sure what I want to read more. Book 9 kind of continues the story started in Rumple’s Prize (in a round about way) but Book 2, Gerard’s Beauty introduces Shayera’s parents. Or I could just start completely over and do another re-read of Her Mad Hatter… decisions, decisions…. ;
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little slow to start. but once it got going.. it was great
Oh god...I can't....zzzzzzz
loved it.
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