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This Time (2014)

This Time (2014)
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This Time (2014)
This Time (2014)

About book: So this the third Moments book now and I can honestly say that I loved them all. I think A Moment was the best for me but Right Now and This Time aren't very far behind. This is Tor's story who's a colleague of Zoe's at the tattoo parlor. Tor has been in love with a girl from afar for years now and finally he gets his moment. But this wouldn't be a Marie Hall story if there weren't major problems they have to overcome. Jamie is deeply involved with Angel who has ended up in hospital once again because he was driving on cocaine while making out with some random chick. She is so devastated and drained of all her caring-for-Angel-energy that she doesn't immediately rush to the hospital but decides to meet with Zoe and Alex at a bar. There, she meets Tor and their Moment finds a rough start.Tor was just too good to be true. He is this stunning Norwegian sex god who is huge but so tender and gentle at the same time. He wants to show Jamie that he'll never abandon her, that she's worth to be loved and that he can be more reliable than anyone has ever been in her life before.I'm just sure that in my mind he looks completely different to the image that Hall wanted to create. Because I could never ever, not even over my dead body, find a man with whiskers sexy. No way. So I just had to make up my own image of him, which was no problem at all. *wink*I guess the only problem I had was with Jamie. Me and her are not exactly alike. Her selfless acts with Angel were only annoying for me. I don't think I would have ever felt obliged to waste away my life just for him. I mean they were a freaking high school couple and nobody would expect her to still be there for him all the time when he's nothing but destructive and disrespectful. I can't imagine a young girl being so loyal leading almost to self-destructive behavior. That reminds me a little bit of Rock Bottom and even there Danika knew when to stop the relationship, and those two at least had still something going on.As always, Marie's writing is wonderful and I read through it quickly. Yet, I think I was more invested in the first two stories. All the stuff in the middle wasn't too exciting but it gripped me again in the end. Overall, I liked Tor and Jamie's story a lot and I'm very curious who her next couple is going to be. This was the 3rd book in the series and I was so looking forward to reading about Tor. A big hulking Viking hottie! I did enjoy the book, loved Tor but Jamie was very weak and I wanted her to wake up and see what was right before her eyes. I hated that it took something that was not planned to slowly bring them together and get her to finally get over Angel. Why couldn't she see what a great and loveing guy Tor is and how Angel is nothing but a wieght around her neck that will do nothing but bring her down. I also wish we could have visited more with the characters from the previous books.
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This one wasn't for me - book One was phenomenal but this bored me.
Another good one!
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