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The Wright Brother (2014)

The Wright Brother (2014)
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Marie Hall Publishing
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The Wright Brother (2014)
The Wright Brother (2014)

About book: I appreciate stories with physically challenged characters because of a vested interest. The relationship between Elisa and Julian is beautiful and emotional with them signing on each other's skin. That's where my enjoyment ended. This was geared towards the younger side of new adult, too young for me. I understand that a small age difference of roughly two years is a big deal before 18, but the storyline made it feel like the age difference was 7 or more years and Elisa couldn't outgrow that thinking until the last two pages. It gets to be tiresome by the end. I also became annoyed with her silly infatuations with other men while waiting for Julian to grow up. If not for the erotic scenes, this would be for a younger audience. 4.5 stars! Loved this!Quickly the only reason I took 1/2 star was really just a few minor typographical errors and my issue with our heroine thinking that the barely 2.5 year age difference was astronomical. Seriously, that's nothing. When you're 16-19 maybe you might think about it for a minute but I promise you it's not as huge as the character made it out to be--especially considering the characters knew and grew up together. If a random 19 year old starts dating a random 16 year old then yeah you should probably consider waiting but for these 2 I wouldn't have thought about it.Otherwise I loved this book! I love that you see SO much of their lives as they start as children, go through adolescence, go to college and then into adulthood. So many stories so so wham, bam, thank you ma'am and over while this one you really got to invest and learn about them.Julian, while color blind and deaf, is so compassionate and doesn't even remotely come off as disabled. He's strong, loving, devoted, and willing to make huge sacrifices for Elisa. It was that perfect NA not too sweet and young but not overly hot and heavy either. And can I say the cover. Damn. I basically bought this book for the cover. Loved it!
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For the most part I enjoyed it but Elisa was frustrating me with her hot and cold mood swings.
Fantastic read. Couldn't put it down.
Beautiful, love story.
4 Destiny stars ☺
*3.5 stars*
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