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Crimson Night (2013)

Crimson Night (2013)
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Crimson Night (2013)
Crimson Night (2013)

About book: The Carnival Diabolique isn't your average fair. It is run by the Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and human women. The Nephilim hosts a sliver of the soul of at least one demon whose powers are based on the seven deadly sins. The leading protagonist is a woman named Pandora who hosts Lust. Pandora is a bit different than the average Nephilim. Her humanity keeps her in line. Drawing the attention of a Death Priest, Pandora has to watch her back as she hunts down vampires, werewolves, and zombies who attack humans with light souls. But life isn't that simple for Pandora, in fact it just keeps getting more and more complicated for her. I highly recommend "Crimson Night" if you are the type of person who appreciates a good paranormal that is full of action and mystery. **I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)**I loved this book; it was a great first in the series with fantastic characters that kept me hooked with intrigue. It was a fantastic twist that you didn’t see coming until it was happening; the plot twists were so unexpected that it made you doubt characters who you loved.The main character is Pandora she is a badass and sexy, with a lust demon hiding in her subconscious. The lust demon drives Pandora’s sex drive making her pretty insatiable and giving us some pretty hot situations with some hot guys. I liked Pandora as a character, her badass, take- no- crap attitude adds to the reading experience making her a in my opinion a class female heroine.The secondary characters include Luc, Grace, the priest and Kemen. All of these characters added to Pandora’s life and her discovery as she a prophecy about her. I loved Luc as he seems to be a stable influence in her life in that he is always near her not that he is stable as a person as his explosive personality is shown at times in the book. Grace is a character I never really trusted and that’s not just because of what happens in the end, I didn’t like the way she treated her assistant but she was important to Pandora and acted as a role model. The priest was brilliantly mysterious that I loved and hated in equal measures depending on what Pandora was feeling for him. I loved Kemen, a fantastic character that I think best reflects my personality; I loved his laid back attitude and enjoyed reading about his loving moments.The pacing was great giving us aspects of the storyline at perfect times keeping us hooked and unable to put the book down. The pacing in this book will lead us perfectly onto the rest of the books in this series and has added to the overall reading experience. It left some things open ended which has made me want to read the rest in the series.The storyline was brilliantly original with aspects of lots of genre and new paranormal species that I have not read about before. I loved how excellently the characters fitted into the storyline and the surroundings that surrounded them. I liked how each character reacted to the situations they are placed in; this book was expertly written allowing a brilliant flow throughout the book.4 stars, I love this author and I have high hopes for this new series.
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Dark and sexy. I'm really looking forward to reading the next one.
I liked it.
loved it
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