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Enchanted Pilgrimage (1990)

Enchanted Pilgrimage (1990)
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Enchanted Pilgrimage (1990)
Enchanted Pilgrimage (1990)

About book: What and odd and strange little story!At times it came off as the easiest young-adult fantasy/fiction, but then the moments of sexual tension and cursing recalled that it indeed was something other.Some parts seem choppy between sequences, and really only one section seemed to drag a little too long.I did not recall from a previous reading the elements of Christianity that were woven throughout the story.By the end, it winds up being a sort of "kitchen sink" sci-fi/fantasy, as nearly every element of the genre seems to make an appearance, whether clearly explained or not.Amusing, entertaining, but not overwrought with trying to be an "epic" narrative. An interesting visit to the future-past or past-future or whatever it was trying to be!

The back of the book calls this 'a Journey back to the Present', but, really, there's no such journey. This is a pretty vanilla 'dungeon crawl' story, that could easily be someone's RPG game. The characters gather, the roles are their, there's a maiden in distress the hero saves, etc. The 'hook', if there is one, ties (a bit) into the 'real world' but it really doesn't get explored much, and really the story is better if you don't think about it much. For all that, it is a good dungeon crawl book, with fun characters a good mix of hardship and magical Deux Machina, and downtime for character moments. It's a decent read if you're in the mood for light fantasy fare, just don't expect anything past that.
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Simon Mcleish
Originally published on my blog here in August 2001.Like The Goblin Reservationn, Enchanted Pilgrimage puts together a large number of ideas in a light fantasy setting. Its plot is a traditional quest by a small group of travellers, who go into the Wasteland, home of magical creatures and a place from where humans are generally barred, to search out the Old Ones. They encounter several strange, and sometimes not completely clear even to the reader, individuals who are none of them quite what they have been led to expect.All that Enchanted Pilgrimage demands of its readers is that they don't think too hard. Accepting it at its level, the novel is entertaining if not particularly original or memorable.
This book is very similar to the author's “Fellowship of the Talisman.” Once again there is a journey of a motley group (Mark Cromwell, the scholar, the marsh man Gib, Hal and his friend, the coon, who dwells in a hollowed out tree, Snively the gnome, Mary the lost daughter of people from the third parallel world, and Oliver the rafter goblin (one of the most intelligent of the group). Jones, an academic from the second parallel world (presumably ours) joins in the later stages. The journey take
Matteo Pellegrini
In una società in cui tutti i dubbi vengono autorevolmente risolti dall'Alto, il giovane Mark Cornwall ha la pericolosa abitudine di cercarsi le sue risposte da solo. Per fortuna un simpatico Essere Demoniaco lo aiuta a liberarsi dall'odioso monaco Oswald. Ma chi lo aiuterà contro le insidie di Beckett, il malvagio rappresentante dell'Inquisizione? Quali altri Agenti Soprannaturali, sinistri o benevoli, sorvegliano le strade e i misteriosi valichi che dovrebbero portare il pellegrino Cornwall all'incrocio con un Altro Universo? Tra fantascienza e "fantasy", un nuovo capolavoro dell'autore di "Anni senza fine" e "Oltre l'invisibile".
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