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Monkie Business

Monkie Business
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Monkie Business
Monkie Business

About book: ‘Guess what?’ She plonked her bag on her desk. ‘I’m coming!’ Perdita was perched on the neighbouring desk talking to Claire. She grinned like a radiator. ‘Brill.’ Then she groaned like a fridge. ‘But can you believe it? Claire isn’t.’ ‘I’ve got to go to my cousins’ for Easter.’ Claire stuck out her bottom lip. ‘Pig.’ ‘Oh, pig,’ agreed Abbie. Oh, prancing white horse with a whinny like bells, she thought. ‘We’ll really miss you.’ Like a verruca. ‘Are you sure you can’t come?’ Be sure, be sure.
    ‘I’m sure.’ Claire sniffed.
    ‘You poor thing. That’s just …’ Abbie shook her head. Brilliant. ‘I mean what a complete …’ she sighed. Whoopee.
    She sat down, party popping inside. As soon as Claire was out of the way she’d tell Perdita about the legend. Not that there was any problem with Claire. In fact, in the last eight seconds, Abbie had realised what a lovely person she was.
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