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Deliver Us From Evil (2010)

Deliver Us from Evil (2010)
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Deliver Us From Evil (2010)
Deliver Us From Evil (2010)

About book: US Marshals Office, Howard Baker Federal Courthouse Knoxville, Tennessee “YOU MEAN TO TELL me you had no idea your stepfather was here, in a drug-induced coma?” The Special Agent in Charge, Greg Daly, circled Jefferson in the conference room.
    Pity for the ranger crawled over Roark. Jefferson had recounted finding his mother’s body and calling the authorities, sticking to the account in his report. To the letter. Roark didn’t think Jefferson was lying, but the FBI agent seemed relentless in his interrogation. For a brief moment Roark regretted waiting on the agents to say anything to Jefferson.
    But the case needed a break. Desperately. The US attorney hovered in the corner, taking notes. Noah Markinson would try the case if they ever got enough evidence to charge anyone.
    “I’ve told you just as I told the police when I found my mother’s body—I didn’t know where Jonathan had gone. No clue. We weren’t close at all.”
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