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Where Angels Prey

Where Angels Prey
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Where Angels Prey
Where Angels Prey

About book: Bob swears loudly. He has been getting the same response over the last couple of days. Where the hell isChandresh ?
    Chandresh had been the first person Bob had called after the editor gave his nod for the story. A former special correspondent with one of India’s leading national dailies, Chandresh specialized in offbeat development stories. Bob had first made his acquaintance while working on a report on the phenomenon of farmer suicides in India. One of his classmates from Columbia, a scion of one of India’s leading publishing families, had introduced him to Chandresh. The two had kept in touch ever since, sharing stories and gossip that came to their notice and which they thought might be relevant to the other.
Just then, Bob’s phone rings and he picks it up eagerly, hoping it is Chandresh.
The call is from Mayank Sharma. Bob’s irritation fades when he hears his voice.
    “Hey Mayank, what’s up man?”
“Hi Bob, all set to fly out to India?”
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