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Vanishing Act: Mystery At The U.S. Open (2006)

Vanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. Open (2006)
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Vanishing Act: Mystery At The U.S. Op...
Vanishing Act: Mystery At The U.S. Open (2006)

About book: tVanishing Act by John Feinstein is a quick read, but really allows the reader to step into the world of sport reporters in an exciting way. It makes the reader realize to not take events at their face value. Vanishing Act takes place at the US Open in about the present time. Stevie, a short thirteen year old, and Susan, a tall thirteen year old, both are news reporters. They both met at the final four basketball game and uncovered a blackmail attempt on one of the best players in the league. Now, at the tennis tournament a kidnapping has happened. Most people took this kidnapping at face value, but some people would benefit from this, even Susan's uncle, Brendon Gibson. John Feistein wraps up the mystery so well readers will wonder how they never figured it out, even with all the clues 3rd person limited gave them.tIn several parts John Feinstein really puts theme and the mystery together. At one part when Brendon Gibson's client, Rubin, won a huge match he was not there. “Stevie kept looking around, wondering where Brendon Gibson was”(183). The author's writing is just so good that even though this event seems innocuous, it really is not. This book is like The Hunger Games toned done a bit because in The Hunger Games it is not difficult to view the games as just punishment, but it also has to be a warning so the capital stays in control. Both these books have good themes because if a person ever resorts to only looking at face values he/she will be a puppet to the world and that is not a thing that people should want to be. This book is a nice vacation book because it is short, a page turner, and informational.

This is the second sports mystery for the YA audience by Feinstein, a sports reporter. Thirteen-year-old aspiring sports writer Stevie is reacquainted with fellow budding sports reporter Susan Carol, who is the same age as Stevie but several inches taller, much to his dismay. In their first adventure, Stevie and Susan Carol uncovered a plot at college basketball's Final Four. In this tale, while the two are at the US Open a top-rated female player disappears and is believed to have been kidnapped. Once again, Stevie and Susan Carol, with the help of various people they meet along the way, are plunged into the action and take it upon themselves to try and solve the mystery. The premise and chain of events is completely unbelievable, even more so than in Last Shot, but the characters are fun and the action moves along quickly. There is also a lot of information about how the tennis world works, and much of it is not entirely favorable, though fans of the sport will enjoy the behind-the-scenes look as well as the "cameos" by real personalities in the tennis world. I enjoyed it, and am excited to learn that there is a third about these characters, this one set at the Super Bowl
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Arvand Ossoli
Vanishing ActJohn Feinstein Vanishing Act is about 2 young tennis players that enter the U.S. Open (tennis tournament). But by the second round one of the competitors just vanishes. The two main characters try to find out what happened to her.I liked the book but the beginning was very boring and confusing. The first thing the book said was, "Stevie Thomas knew he needed a shower but, as usual..." I find that to be a very boring intro. I think anyone from 6-8 grade that likes action books would like this book.
Sam Miyata
The book I read was called " Vanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. Open" by John Feinstein. The genre was fiction and the sub genre was mystery. This book was about two young reporters, Stevie and Susan Carol going to the U.S. open. Strangely, Natalia Makarova disappears before her second round match. The two kids then try to figure out what happened to her. The books mystery will keep you to the end and if you want to find out what happens you'll have to read it for yourself. I rated this book a five out of five stars because it was very exciting and twisty.
"Vanishing Act" is about thirteen year old Stevie Thomas and his best friend/crush Susan Carol Anderson. They made sportswriting history before by covering a huge blackmailing scheme at the NBA (or something related to basketball), and now they are ready to view the US Open without any trouble or qualms. However, just as they begin to enjoy the tennis matches, a star player gets kidnapped. Stevie and Susan Carol work with each other to piece together what exactly happened.It has been awhile since I've read a YA Mystery novel, so I thought I'd soften the blow by reading one related to my favorite sport: tennis. It did ease progressing through some of the book for me. I liked the whole mystery genre thing going on, but I thought the author could have been just a little bit more descriptive at some points. Also, I really, really disliked Stevie's partners name. I mean, Susan Carol? How annoying is that? But based on the actual novel, I give it a well-deserved four stars.
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