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Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery (2006)

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery (2006)
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Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery (2006)
Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery (2006)

About book: Dreams do Come True:Kids can be Adults Sometimes, Stevie Thomas read the letter once, and then twice, then a third time to be sure it was real. Then he started screaming. “Mom! Mom! Mom!” (3) As if something was wrong... This realistic fiction story, written by John Feinstein, takes place in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during modern times. One of the main characters is Stevie Thomas. I rated this book a three out of five stars because it was a good book but it wasn’t the best one that I read so far. That I have read. The first couple sentences really made me want to know what Stevie’s letter was all about and what would happen as a result of the letter. The book it was impossible to put it down because it was holding back surprising details, it had readable vocabulary, and it trick the reader along the way. One of the reasons the book is impossible to put down is because it was holding back surprising details for example, the title misleads the reader into thinking the story will be about someone taking the last shot in an important game. However, the story is really about three young students reporting on high school and college basketball games. Another surprising detail in the book is when Stevie read the letter about winning the writing contest. He seemed really surprised and yelled like something was wrong or someone was out to get him. “Mom! Mom! Mom!” (3). Stevie realized he had won something big, but he wasn’t sure how his dream came true would work out. Thus, the surprising details made it hard to stop reading this book. Another reason the book is impossible to put down is because readable vocabulary. The content is easy to read, easy to follow, and I recognize some of the names of the teams. While reading this book, I realized we have some of the same interests in basketball like the Final Four. Stevie’s dad was able to create a lot of excitement about basketball in Philadelphia. “He had started taking Stevie to se Philadelphia’s big five Temple, Villanova, St. Joseph’s, Pennsylvania and La Salle when he was four” (3). I can follow the story pretty well because when I went to a Bulls game for the first time my interest got deeper in basketball like Stevie’s. I watch more games on TV and I would love to go to more games. Since I can relate to this book I just cannot put this book down. Furthermore, this book is impossible to put down because the author of the story tricks the reader into thinking that a major college basketball player is taking the final shot of an important game in the Final Four. It’s easy for the reader to believe this because it happens all the time in sports. For instance, when the Lakers were going against the Celtics last year in the seventh game and Kobe took over the game in the last quarter and won the game. “Steve Jorgensen had them both free in under a minute” (228) when he tried to get the tape to the Garry so like he’ trying to suck up to him. To conclude, the book, Last Shot by John Feinstein, it was impossible to put it down, because it was holding back surprising details, it had readable vocabulary and it tricks the reader along the way. I was able to make personal connections because I sort of can relate to this book. I can remember my first time at a basketball game just like Stevie can. We both had unexpected events, like when he won that contest and like when I won the conference for my football team. It sort of started like how Stevie’s victory started. My dad took me to a football game and I loved it. I just want to get on the field and play with them. I had to be about seven. I was still a little to young, but just like Stevie learning about basketball. I learned about football and we both had a dream like mine was to come in first place for our division and like he wanted to win the contest. We both accomplished our dreams this how I can relate to this book. I think I should get at least a (B) because I worked hard one this and I think its good for my first one. The most difficult thing about this was getting it done on time and it going to be hard getting use to doing a book review. I plan to improve by getting this in on time.

One of the strategies I used was the previewing strategy. Before I read this book I knew it would be a basketball story because the title is “Last Shot”. ; One of the clues was on the cover, there was a picture of a basketball .The second reading strategy I used was connecting to the character Steven Thomas. He is very excited to go and see the NCAA teams compete in march madness. "Stevie was up at seven in the mourning barley able to control his excitement".(Feinstein 9). I too was very excited to go and watch march madness last year. right before the University of Kentucky lost their greatest player. but Louisville made a great run.The third reading strategy I used was predicting what would happen to guard Chip Graber of UM (University of Minnesota) was threatened by someone who told him if he didn't advance to the final 2 that his dad would be hurt. And in the championship if he didn't throw the game his dad would be hurt.(Feinstein 55) I thought that Chip Graber would advance to the finals but he wouldn't throw the game.The fourth reading strategy I used was Making inferences while reading this book. I started believing that Steven began to love his new friend Susan Carol. He stated that she had such a dreamy look on her face(Feinstein 42)The fifth and final reading strategy I used was using my prior knowledge. Know that Duke would win that championship of that actual year. The story with Chip Graber being forced to lose to Duke wasn't a true fact. Chip Graber isn't a real person who played for University of Minnesota.
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Ryan Hamilton
Last ShotJohn FeinSteinThis book is about two young teens who are very good with writing. They win a trip to the NCAA Final Four for winning a writing contest. WHile they are down there they encounter a blackmail and have to figure everything out. This book was very engaging and intriguing. I really liked how they included real life people, when he first got down to New Orleans he met Dick Vitale and they interacted. I recommend this book to kids who like all sports and basketball especially. If you read this you should be in middle school because they can relate much better.
The Last Shot / The Rivalry: Mystery at the Army-Navy Game, John FeinsteintThe Last Shot and The Rivalry are only two incredible books out of John Feinstein’s imagination. These novels are jam packed with sports and mystery. In a nutshell these books are about two young reporters experiencing unfair outside interference on athletics. These Feinstein thrillers are great examples of the importance of standing up for what is morally correct.tJohn Feinstein is an outstanding author. His books call in many audiences because of his strong sports oriented themes. For many are fanatics of sports and most have played, creating a connection with the reader from the first encounter of the hardcover. In these two books the main characters are high school teenagers. The author also understands that most high school students are involved in sports or go to sporting events, making for a more interesting read. He connects with morals of playing a sport through being accountable for ones actions and always having teammates back, when their back is against the wall. Feinstein places emphasis on the youth to make good decisions. For, our high school years there is much pressure to go with the crowd and are many cases of one not getting involved when there is a situation in need of help. He teaches, through the words in ink, that although one may be young he has the difference to make the world change. For standing up for what is right takes a leader and Feinstein’s books inspire the youth to be the frontrunner in stopping what is wrong and taking a stand for what one believes in. At the end of the day, John Feinstein is a great author. If one enjoys sports, a mystery, and being inspired, his writings are a great choice.
Swaggy B
I think that Last Shot by John Feinstein to me is a very inspiring book. I think its a inspiring book because I have dreams like that to. This book relates to my life because I want to go to the final four and win the championship. This is a really good book for kids that want to become a artist or become a sports athlete. The way that Stevie wants to win the prize, shows how much he cares about the prize. Also he wants to go with his dad which also shows how much he loves his dad and how much he cares. The chance to go to the a final four is hard to ask for, but if you work for it then you will succeed just like Stevie does in this book. The book overall was a pretty good book because it makes you feel that anything is possible.
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