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Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story (2005)

Caddy for Life: The Bruce Edwards Story (2005)
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Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Sto...
Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story (2005)

About book: I read another Feinstein book last month and mentioned it to a friend. He recommended this one and said it would be ok to get a little wet around the eyes near the end. Bastard lied to me, I was only halfway through and had already gotten misty about three times already.In 2003, I was working literally right down the road from the U.S. Open in Olympia Fields, and recall the pres making a huge story about Tom Watson's huge first day round, and the Bruce/Tom story. That episode is played up in the book, so that was kind of neat to re-live that period, but this time from the insider perspective.Some of the "stroke by stroke, hole by hole" narrative got a little tiring, and towards the end I found myself skimming those parts to get right back to the personal story of Bruce, Tom and the families. That is really Feinstein's strength - telling the story of people who happen to be in sports. He brings the complexity of the sport, the nuances of the game to the non-sports fan, and keeps the story of the competitor in the forefront. More "sportswriters" need that skill. If you're a golf fan or not, you might enjoy this book.

I thought this book was ok. I liked it a bit because it was about golf and it is a pretty amazing story. Bruce had ALS and had to endur a lot to be able to caddy 18 holes and carry a 40 pound bag while his muscles were deteriorating. Bruce Edwards was a caddy for star golfer Tom Watson. He was so tired at the end and he had slurred speech because that is one of the symptoms of ALS. He and Tom Watson had hand signals one gestures so that Tom could understand Bruce. The book is pretty boring until about halfway through. At about halfway throught the book, Bruce learns that he has ALS . Tom Watson soon learns that Bruce has ALS and he is heartbroken. He and Bruce have a relationship that is closer than a brother. Bruce still caddies for Watson, even thought it is hard for him to walk 18 holes because his muscles are deteriorating. I think anyone over 6th grade should read this. It has a very wide range of vocabulary, and sometimes it words things that make it difficult to understand. It is very descritive, and you do have to know the basics of golf or you won't really like or understand this book.
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This was one of the saddest books I have ever read. I picked it up because I like John Feinstein and knowing his style figured it would be about what life is like as a caddy on the pro tour. Well, it was about that and a lot more.This books follows the story of Bruce Edwards, a PGA caddy who worked primarily for Tom Watson throughout his career. The first half is happy and upbeat but then a tragic event turns the story to a more somber tone. Reading it I felt like I was watching a movie as some of the stuff that happened seemed to be right out of a movie script but it all was in fact true.A remarkable story, a remarkable book.
This was a great look at caddy Bruce Edwards life, his contribution to professional caddying in the PGA, and his diagnosis of ALS. The book was wonderful from the perspective of the personal access the family and his longtime boss, Tom Watson, gave to describe Bruce Edwards as a man and their struggles with his diagnosis. I'm biased somewhat against the author, Feinstein, mostly because growing up in Maryland I've always felt his ego shines through a bit too much -- I saw that in this book (does he not think highly of Tiger Woods?). Even with that said, he is a good author, and I certainly enjoy his books and plan to read more soon. I think this is a great read for anyone, and a somewhat emotional book.
Tom Gase
From the cover of this book you would think this book is about golf. It is, but more than anything it's about friendship, loyality and tradegy.John Feinstein, one of the best sportswriters on the planet, has written a great book about golfer Tom Watson and his longtime caddy, Bruce Edwards. The book takes you through some of their greatest moments together during the 70's, 80's and 90's before Edwards is diagnosed with ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Edwards is told he has 1-3 years to live, and in fact he does pass away after about a year. It's a very sad, but uplifting book at the same time. The way Edwards handles himself during this very difficult time is very inspiring. During the last 50 pages or so, if you have a dry eye, you might not be human. I also have a lot of respect for Tom Watson (as if I ever didn't), knowing what kind of person he is as well.This is a must-read for any golfer fan, and most non-sports fans will even like this. Just have that tissue ready by your side.
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