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Through The Ice (1992)

Through the Ice (1992)
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Through The Ice (1992)
Through The Ice (1992)

About book: Seth Warner is on his way home from a party when he is set upon by a group of teenage ruffians. He runs from them and ends up falling through the ice into a lake. Just as he is about to drown, he is wrenched from this world and into another plane where he finds he is a "Chosen" and, along with three others from different planes must, battle a sorcerer by the name of Nefarious. The magical quest brings him into conflict with various agents of Nefarious as well as helpful creatures. This is a young adult novel with a teen aged protagonist. Seth and his companions are dynamic characters who make realizations about themselves throughout the narrative, as well as develop insights on human nature. Themes include honesty, assumptions, compassion, and power. The plot is suspenseful and adventurous. The world-building is lush, but very similar to another Anthony book I recently read. In fact, the whole thing reminded me a lot of Phaze from the Apprentice Adept series. Since this was a YA title, and a collaboration, there was not as much of the sex and chauvinism one might expect from an Anthony work, for which I was grateful. The relationships throughout seemed genuinely built and to be mutual partnerships. I would recommend this for a young reader of fantasy. It might even be a great introduction novel for those new to the genre.

At first I was not too impressed with this book. Some of the writing is juvenile and awkward. Then I read the authors note at the back and it made me re-evaluate. This was a story written by a 15 year old boy who was killed in a car accident. Piers Anthony was one of his favorite authors. His friends/family asked Piers to finish the story as a memorial and he did. Knowing this made the story a lot more powerful and substantial and also explained some of the awkwardness of parts of the storyline and writing.
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This was the first book I remember reading without prodding, picked up during a middle school book fair. I'm not going to lie; the verbal stylings of Piers Anthony in relation to naked women was a big plus for a young boy, but still, the ending was challenging; not a battle, but a philosophical debate as to why a man who can conquer the will of people cannot possibly hope to claim control of the world by the nature of free thought always evolving. I love this book.
First of all, let me say that I have nothing but condolences for the late author and his family. It's not my intention to be cruel.I couldn't finish the book. I can't recommend it to anyone except perhaps someone who is a friend or family member of the author, Robert Kornwise.I started reading this book and it read like internet fan fiction. The humble narrator is way too cool and ethical to be a real person, so he's obviously a wish fulfillment role for the author.Yes, folks, he knows kung fu and doesn't drink or do bad things! Perhaps there's a decent story in here somewhere, but the writing is so bad I couldn't find it.Avoid this book.
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