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Mary Poppins Opens The Door

Mary Poppins Opens the Door
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Mary Poppins Opens The Door
Mary Poppins Opens The Door

About book: Banks, as she handed Jane two pennies and kissed her good-bye.Michael looked at his Mother reproachfully."Is that all you're going to give us?" he asked. "What'll happen if we meet the Ice Cream Man?""Well," said Mrs. Banks reluctantly. "Here's another sixpence. But I do think you children get too many treats. I didn't have Ices every day when I was a little girl."Michael looked at her curiously. He could not believe she had ever been a little girl. Mrs. George Banks in short skirts and her hair tied up with ribbons? Impossible!"I suppose," he said smugly, "you didn't deserve them!"And he tucked the sixpence carefully into the pocket of his sailor suit."That's Fourpence for the Ice Creams," said Jane. "And we'll buy a Lot-o'-Fun with the rest.""Out of my way, Miss, if you please!" said a haughty voice behind her.As neat and trim as a fashion-plate, Mary Poppins came down the steps with Annabel. She dumped her into the perambulator and pushed it past the children."Now, Quick March into the Park!" she snapped.
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