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Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three]

Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three]
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Double Dragon Publishing
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Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three]
Full Moonster [BUREAU 13 Book Three]

About book: Even the very grass under our feet moved trying to trip us. Cursing in a dozen languages, my team stumbled into a defensive circle firing every weapon we owned."Alex Haley!” I cried aiming my Magnums for the roots. A thorny vine ripped away the front of my shirt exposing the molded body armor underneath. As my bullets blasted the vine apart, sticky sap spraying into the air, I made a mental note that I must get tougher shirts."Huey, Dewey and Louie!” George shouted, and we all ducked.In a stuttering roar, his banjo began spiting flame. For a single moment, the protective illusion faded to reveal the huge ungainly M60 machine rifle in his trained grip. The shiny belt of linked ammunition dangling from the breech mechanism of the huge weapon shrank with alarming speed, as the heavy duty .30 combat rounds chewed a path of destruction through the attacking foliage.A prismatic blur, Mindy's sword was out, the long blade flashing with rainbow eagerness. A tree branch thrust close to her and withdrew as kindling.
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