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The Tender Years (1997)

The Tender Years (1997)
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The Tender Years (1997)
The Tender Years (1997)

About book: Virginia has a persistent problem with peer pressure. The exciting Jenny, who leads the "in" group at Virginia's school, has picked Virginia as her special friend, and Virginia doesn't want to lose that favored position even though Jenny's schemes often get her in trouble with her parents. Virginia's supportive but firm Christian family provide appropriate consequences when she breaks the rules, and Virginia tries to do what's right. She succeeds for a time, but one day the pressure is so great she lets herself be talked into the riskiest scheme of all -- a ride in a "borrowed" raft with the gang. Virginia's father had warned her that the creek was high and very dangerous, but Jenny let Virginia know she was expected to be on the raft if she wanted to stay a part of the group's activities. So, instead of going directly home from school as she was told, with heavy heart Virginia went to the creek. As the gang waited for Jenny, their ringleader, to arrive, Virginia became more and more concerned about the time, and when Jenny finally did arrive, Virginia got into an argument with her, stood her ground, and left. Later, when Virginia hears that the raft overturned in the swift current, she is consumed with guilt -- especially when one of her friends dies as a result and Jenny is badly injured. The rest of the book deals with the healing process -- not only for Virginia, but for her friend Jenny, to whom her parents want her to reach out with the love of Christ. For Jenny has no home life. She has no mother at home and her father is an alcoholic. There are many subplots that add interest to this book, and I found it difficult to put it down. But the main themes are obedience and peer pressure and the conflicts between the two in the mind of an adolescent. This book would be good to read with preteen girls and up, for there is much to discuss

Janette Oke does such a wonderful job with this series of books. (It's overall a tie with this series and the Abram's Daughter's series by Beverly Lewis.) If you enjoy Pioneer life and reading about other that struggle in life but have that Faith in God that things will be okay then you will fall in love with Marti and what started out as a marriage of convenience but soon turns into love as Love Comes Softly. For those of you who have watched the movies and enjoy them TRUST me you will FALL IN LOVE with the books! Movies are only very loosely based on the books which at first I couldn't watch 'cause I was so aggravated due to the movies being so off from the books. But I did watch them and they are very nice to watch but you have to not try and remember the books as you watch. The series is wonderfully written and the more you read the more you will want to read so make sure you have the next book handy when you get about half way through the one you are reading.This particular book is a very good read for pre teens and teenagers.
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The Prairie Legacy series picks up about 20 years (or so) from where the Love Comes Softly series left off, with Marty and Clark have aged considerably and we are now gathering over the stories of their grandchildren. The Tender Years follows Virginia Simpson (Belinda's daughter) through her trials as a teenager, as she struggles to find her way as a young woman dealing with considerable peer pressure issues, and establishing her own identity in the face of crisis. Tender Years seemed a bit more heavy handed with the "preachy" side of the story that Oke always proffers -- these are novels heavily based in the Christian faith. I also did not like the character Jenny, but I think that is the design of the story, but I found myself wanting to fast forward a few pages every time she waltzed in!The Love Comes Softly series was fantastic, and it was nice to revisit the family again after a break. I was definitely left wanting to hear more!
I had never read any of her work. A friend gave me this book and I thought it was a good time to read and see if I would be interested in checking out anymore of Oke's books. It was a nice book with a nice story, but I think I would have gotten more out of it in my teens or early 20's. The story line is great for a young girl who is dealing with peer pressure, finding herself and realizing as much as we try to be friends with some people, it just isn't always meant to be. My friend gave me another book by her as well. I plan to read it to to see if the writing is any different.
I found it kind of hard to get into. Once I did I really enjoyed it...but she really takes her time getting to the main plot....which then moves pretty quickly....then she leaves you hanging with a major loose end! I'm not a fan of such blatant tricks to try to force readers into the subsequent books...but I figured I'd try the second book in the series....problem is that I'm experiencing the same problem of a slow plot and and book that really hard to get into. Oh we'll...that makes it a little easier to walk away from the series.
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