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Winter Is Not Forever (1988)

Winter is Not Forever (1988)
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Winter Is Not Forever (1988)
Winter Is Not Forever (1988)

About book: The long-awaited Graduation Day is fastly approaching for Josh and his friends. Soon they'll be done with school and they'll leave the little schoolhouse behind forever. Josh's friends all have big plans for their lives, many are going on to college, and his best friend Willie is headed to Bible College in preparation for mission work. But Josh still doesn't have an answer when people ask him what his plans are. He's considered several things, but hasn't felt God leading him towards anything in particular yet.Graduation day comes and goes, and while his friends all set out to fulfill their plans and dreams, the still undecided and restless Josh is left behind in his hometown. Noticing that his Grandpa and Uncle Charlie aren't getting around as well as they used to, Josh decides to go home to the farm to help with the planting and harvesting for the year. Finally at peace, Josh feels this is where he should be while he waits for God's guidance for further plans in his life.I don't want to say any more for fear of giving too much of the storyline away. Quite a few events take place in this book, it covers several years of Josh's life. A new family member is born, old friends come to visit (with some shocking news!), and Grandpa comes up with a crazy idea that could change everything at the farm. Through it all, Josh tries to trust God and seek His will for his life.I would say this book is probably my favorite in the series. As Josh has matured, the books have as well. I really enjoyed it, and it seemed that I could really relate to Josh and some of his struggles. This series continues to be one that would be great for all ages!

Joshua: "It seems so simple."Uncle Nat: "Maybe it is. Maybe we're the ones who make it complicated."Much about farming in this one, getting a sense of one's purpose, and more on the dynamics of Josh's unique household of bachelors. I'm still working through this series with no blurbs to tell me what to look for (I so prefer it that way), and for the most part, I enjoyed this one about as much as the first two, despite the fact that there isn't as much humor and the ending is abrupt, without enough reflection time for the characters and clearly in need of the next book to pick things up.And, also, no disrespect to Willie's character, but that one move he makes--I just can't buy it, for a whole mess of reasons. Can't buy it at all, not where his part in Josh's life is concerned, and certainly not if it happened in real life. Love ya', Willie, but thumbs down on that one--there are much better ways to go about important things like that.Still good, simple, homey reading, though, and I'm looking forward to the last installment of Josh's story.
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Dora Wagner
Josh is faced with some difficult decisions within this book. He is grappling with God's call on his life. What is he supposed to do with his life? He begins to notice that his beloved grandfather and great uncle are aging and begins to help on the family farm, all the while thinking God will show him the way, in the midst of his farm work. What is he supposed to do for a career. It is a great theme, which the book centers around. He also faced with the knowledge that his first love will marry another, along with the loss of his best friend. Through it all, he relies on his faith and watches the fruits of his labors grow.Master storyteller, Janette Oke, writes a wonderful story, each time she "picks up" a pen.
Rating: 5/10I liked it but it is nothing special. There is a decent amount of the book dedicated to farming. The introduction of the two girls who come and live with them add an interesting development in the storyline. If I was reading this as a book I would give up reading it for sure but having listened to the audio version, it made it easier to get into.The Questions:Entertaining/Addictive?: Not addictive at all though it was lightly entertainingWriting Style?: Time moves very quickly so you get a very brief look at how Joshua's life is changing. It is written for a younger audience.Impacting/Thought Provoking?: I do like what I can learn in regards to Joshua's faith and life lessons he goes throughClean?: YesRead it again?: NoWould I Recommend it: No
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