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A Searching Heart (1998)

A Searching Heart (1998)
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A Searching Heart (1998)
A Searching Heart (1998)

About book: Janette Oke does such a wonderful job with this series of books. (It's overall a tie with this series and the Abram's Daughter's series by Beverly Lewis.) If you enjoy Pioneer life and reading about other that struggle in life but have that Faith in God that things will be okay then you will fall in love with Marti and what started out as a marriage of convenience but soon turns into love as Love Comes Softly. For those of you who have watched the movies and enjoy them TRUST me you will FALL IN LOVE with the books! Movies are only very loosely based on the books which at first I couldn't watch 'cause I was so aggravated due to the movies being so off from the books. But I did watch them and they are very nice to watch but you have to not try and remember the books as you watch. The series is wonderfully written and the more you read the more you will want to read so make sure you have the next book handy when you get about half way through the one you are reading

Virginia now getting ready to graduate is faced with the worries of going away to college. She and Jamison have continued their relationship and write while he is away at school but perhaps college is changing him. Clara who becomes ill with pregnancy presents a strain at home that delays Virginia's decision to go to college. When Mr. Adamson dies a new elderly neighbour moves in and after a while her grandson Jonathan comes into the picture and Virginia's life. Jenny still a friend has gone off to college but is as wayward as ever though a terrible car accident for Jenny brings Jenn's father (Mr. Woods) a change in his life and an acceptance of God.
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Virginia is growing up, graduating from high school, planning for college, and planning a life with her boyfriend, Jamison. This one was a little better than the first, maybe because it was a little more mature-sounding. Oke's books basically recount everyday people and how they cope with life, and as such, they are calming and peaceful to listen to or read. Her characters have a deep faith that grounds them and although it's discussed often, it doesn't seem too "in your face". This second book is a growing-up volume for Virginia as she learns to face loss and betrayal and comes out the other side better for it.
Any young adult / teenager struggling with his/her "first love" should read this one. The only drawback to the book that I struggled with was my attempt to place a definite time-period to the storyline. The main character in this Oke novel is Virginia Simpson. In Chapter 8, one of Virginia's younger brothers, Danny, had a summer job with a local farmer, and Danny's days were spent driving a team of horses, first planting and then haying. Yet, telephones, cars, and elevators were mentioned throughout the novel.
This is the second book in Janette Oke's Prairie Legacy series and it was just as sweet and wholesome as the first. It continues the story of Virginia through her remaining high-school year and graduation. In this book her plans for the future are disrupted by unexpected events and she must come to terms with her current situation. This book has a touch more romance than the previous one and the author keeps the reader guessing as to which boy Virginia will finally end up with. I am looking forward to reading books 3 and 4 in the series.
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