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The Outcasts

The Outcasts
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The Outcasts
The Outcasts

About book: Spraydancer lurched violently under the impact but the crew, long accustomed to sudden movement underfoot, kept their balance easily. Then, with a chorus of yells and screams, the pirates leapt over the port bow in a swarm.
Several of them lost their footing as they hit the decks of the Skandian trader. But they recovered quickly and moved aft, their comrades pressing from behind.
And found themselves facing a shield wall of seven grim-faced Skandian warriors.
They hesitated then, shoving back against the mounting pressure from behind, eyeing the massive axes in their enemies’ hands. For a moment, the two forces eyed each other, then Arndak bellowed the time-honored Skandian battle command.
“Let’s get ’em!”
The seven Skandian warriors surged forward. As they went, they instinctively formed a wedge shape, with Arndak at the point and three men on either side. They smashed into the disorganized pirates, their heavy oaken shields used as weapons of offense, slamming into the pirates and hurling them to either side.
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