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Dragon Wish

Dragon Wish
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Dragon Wish
Dragon Wish

About book: Paladin waited on the bow of his ship, watching for any sign of attack while his vessel drew nearer to the open docks at the base of the foreboding stronghold. Tension touched every muscle in his body, tightening them. Forcing his jaw to unclench, he glanced at his helmsman.
“Order the flags up so they may be aware of the reason for our arrival,” he ordered.
The man motioned to the signaler. Flags fluttered in the breeze as the sailor relayed the message to the dock keeper.
The return answer came within moments. Permission to dock granted.
His heart rose to his throat. He tried to swallow past the knot but failed. He hoped to carry out this duty without any problems, but with a grieving king and father to deal with, the possibility of him escaping unscathed narrowed.
Soldiers rushed out onto the dock. They lined up in formation, their banners flapping in the breeze. Honored guards, elite fighters, all would die for their king and clan.
Paladin squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, steeled his will for the needed strength to leave his ship and greet his deceased wife’s father.
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