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The Kingdom Of Dog

The Kingdom of Dog
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The Kingdom Of Dog
The Kingdom Of Dog

About book: | The Kingdom of Dog 21 – Who’s A Good Boy? Soon after Tony left, I heard a heavy, erratic pounding reverberating through Fields Hall. I realized it was coming from the alumni and development office, next door to mine. I pushed the door open and saw Mike MacCormac standing in his office, punching the wall. He looked up in mid-punch, saw me standing there, and laughed uncomfortably.“Good strong walls,” he said. “Did you hear me?”“Uh-huh. What’s the matter?”“You know, typical frustrations. I just, uh, can’t let it build up inside me, you know? Otherwise it makes me crazy. So I take it out on my wall, sometimes on the floor. Sometimes I go over to the gym and borrow a punching bag.”I struggled to find something to say, looking around the office for inspiration. On the floor at my feet was a doctor’s prescription, and I picked it up and placed it on his desk. As I did, I noticed that it was for Viagra. I wondered what a young guy like him was doing with a drug for erectile dysfunction, but didn’t want to say anything.
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