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The Holloways (Made For Love Book 3.5)

The Holloways (Made for Love Book 3.5)
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The Holloways (Made For Love Book 3.5)
The Holloways (Made For Love Book 3.5)

About book: I fucking love the sound of that laugh.
The client speaks, but I don’t listen to what he is saying. He’s not talking to me anyway. His attention is completely wrapped up in the frustratingly perfect creature who sits between us. The details of our contract were discussed before lunch was served, and we consumed our meal going over the vision of the project that he has hired us to begin next week. It’s a big account, one that will require countless hours of work, and I should be grateful that Logan and Mr. Helix are getting along so well.
Should being the operative word.
Christ, must she be so damn charming?
It’s been almost six weeks since I started my tenure in the Fort Collins office. The transition has been smooth, as I expected; the work has been invigorating, as I always love a new challenge; and I’ve been welcomed with all the respect that I’ve earned. However, working with Logan is worse than I ever imagined.
A year and a half ago, she was fun to play with. Our chemistry was intriguing, a truth not even she could deny.
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