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The Ghost Pattern

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The Ghost Pattern - Plot & Excerpts

Adenauer finished injecting the third rat with the compound, then picked up a second syringe, and gave the squirming little animal a second shot.
    “This is the antidote,” he explained to the small group in attendance.
    The group included Gary Davis, Marie-Elise Chevalier, Klaas Fortuin, and Wu Shen Teng. One-Eye was also observing, any attempt to keep him away or distracted having failed miserably, yielding only angry grunts from the taciturn gorilla.
    Dr. Adenauer finished injecting the antidote, then marked the rat with a touch of methylene blue on its white coat, making it easy to identify from the others. Then he placed the rat in the same cage with the other two he had injected earlier.
    Minutes passed in silence, while nothing remarkable happened in the rat cage. The test subjects behaved like normal rats, sniffing, chewing on the occasional speck of dirt, moving around in the cage, but ignoring one another.

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