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The Defiant Hero (2003)

The Defiant Hero (2003)
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The Defiant Hero (2003)
The Defiant Hero (2003)

About book: I'm going to start this off by saying I think it depends on what sort of read you're looking for. This book had the action with the mission of rescuing a little girl and grandmother from terrorists, then it had a subplot that included fiesty, snippy, teasing, "I-want-you-but-won't-admit-it" love story, then on top of that subplot it also had a sickly sweet war romance from way back in the day. So it's got all things going for it. Not all of it awesome, but overall it was a neat package.Most of the females grated on my nerves. I thought all of these were supposed to be tough, strong females. They come off that way majority of the time, but constantly break down in tears like they can't handle it.Meg - although her daughter and grandmother have been kidnapped by terrorists and she's under a great deal of duress - annoyed me a lot. First off, she's got an incredibly handsome, sweet, kind, navy seal lieutenant ready to help her get her family back safely, and yet she's insistant about doing things her way. All the time. And generally her way seemed far more dangerous and complicated. Second of all, she has trust issues - big time. And demands to know all about Lieutenant's past before she can admit to herself, and him, that she loves him when it's written plain as day that he loves her. Had I been in Meg's position, I would've trusted my Navy Seal Lieutenant who is so obviously head over heels for me and whose job it is to work with terrorists all the damn time. Case solved, done. Family rescued. Now we can go home and get it on and be all cute and perfect together. Oh, and your past? It ain't no big thang. Alyssa I just didn't like. I just thought she was a plain old itch with a capital B. Briefly it was touched upon how it must be incredibly tough to be good at what you do in a smorgasboard of males - all males, all tough, military/FBI males who majority probably think they're god's gift. Yeah, I get it. But it can't hurt to be good at what you do and be nice about it, can it? Sam obviously has it bad for this woman and I just couldn't grasp my head around why she didn't recognize it. Why did there always have to be some ulterior motive in Alyssa's eyes? Maybe the next book will delve further into this issue. Perhaps she just has a really rotten history with men/relationships in general, and that coupled with the being one of the few females in a majority all male workforce just puts her on edge. All the time. So that she can't see that there's an incredibly sweet cowboy Navy Seal who's just dying to BE WITH HER. Eve was nice, but I'm pretty sure she cried the most even though I got from her the strongest sense of independence. It was a bizarre combination. Her story was the sickly sweet romance from back in WWI. And at first, I just didn't get why it was there. In fact, I still don't really get why it HAD TO BE in there. But it was and I suppose in the end I didn't dislike it. The only thing I found challenging was that there were these weird segues from Eve being the narrator to just sort of becoming that story in 1939. Other than that, the story was relatively cute and sweet, and it was a fun, tender war romance... that was probably included to give Amy, Eve, and even perhaps the reader, some hope in a relatively serious, grim and unstable situation. Having said all that, none of the above was anything that made me want to stop reading. In fact I had a hard time putting the book down. So I would say, overall, a very entertaining read! I think I will definitely continue to read this author because I've enjoyed these last two and I've especially enjoyed her male characters. They're all strong and manly but come loaded with feelings, some of them quite complicated. Infact... Please point me in the direction of where Lt John Nilsson's congregate because I think it's high time I found someone like him. Or Sam. I've got room for Sam, too. :)

3 stars...I can really see why Brockmann has such a following. Parts of this book were wonderful and others just dragged. Again, we have 2 story lines that take place at the same time and we also have another WWII romance.John 'Nils' and MegLet's just get this out there... John is a catch! He's written with honor, conviction and a hidden past. Meg on the other has is a little older, and she's been hurt in the past and only want to take care of her daughter, Amy. This is the part of the story that was lacking for me. We have Meg and Nils going back and forth thru the whole book... Then the end it's bam! (don't want to spoil anything :) I felt like this story, although is was the main plot took a others that evoked more emotions in me.Alyssa Locke and SamI may be in love with Alyssa myself after hearing the way Sam describes her. Hard edged, strong but really needs someone to lean on. She a beautiful women working in a traditionally men world and you can't help but have utter respect for her. Except she makes the worst decisions regarding her love life. Sam, or is it Roger or Huston :) He's part of the Team sixteen SEAL team and he's had a crush of Alyssa for awhile. This is the part of Defiant Hero that shined. Brockmann was able to write the interactions between Locke and Sam so believable that Alyssa's verbal blows could almost be felt physically. This is a relationship that I can't wait to read about, I can't wait for their book.Eve and RalfeBrockmann's ability to weave past and present literally had me in tears at the end of Defiant Hero Eve and Ralfe's love story was utterly beautiful and this book would not have earned 3 stars if not for this story. I didn't see the ending coming, now looking back it must have been clear to those who've read the book before but I almost liked that feel of suddenly finding out how it all ended. Defiant Hero and Unsung Hero are suposed to be the worst of the Troubleshooters Series... Well then, I can't wait for what comes next.
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Suzanne the Mighty (Under the Covers Book blog)
I think a more accurate rating would be 3.5 stars. Although I liked it, I didn't think it was as good as the first one.The main thing that I didn't like about it was Meg, she really bugged me by doing some irrational things. However, although I don't personally have children I can see that having your child kidnapped by terrorists is not going to make you think very clearly. I also didn't really see the attraction between Meg and Nils, for some reason I just didn't get how they were in love with eachother, I just wasn't convinced. So that part of the book would have gotten 2 StarsHowever, what really made this readable and something that I would read again. is the other stories. Especially Eve and Ralph it was just so beautiful, and I confess to welling up a little when Amy asks what the first name of her Grandad is. Also the Sam and Alyssa parts, I am partly reading the next book just so I can see what happens next for them! I so want them to get together. Having said that I don't want it to be one of those things that drag along for so long that you just lose interest. So for those parts I would give the book 4.5 StarsAll in all it was well worth the read, even if it was just to see more of the Troubleshooters and especially to hear Eve and Ralphs story, it was both interesting and touching.
I have to agree with other reviews I've glanced at--for most of the novel, the main female protagonist is just too stupid to be believed. Let's see--your daughter is taken hostage by a terrorist extremist group and they want you to use your connections as a linguist to hold another terrorist hostage at his embassy and then deliver him to them in exchange for your daughter's life. Okay. Now, would you have a better chance of getting your daughter out of that situation alone, or with a team of Navy SEALS and FBI behind you? Hmmmmm...wait, I need to think about this...professionals who I already know are good at their job and trustworthy, or just me. Wait...still thinking. No, I'm pretty sure I can do it on my own. Well, I'll use them a little bit, but will essentially be lying to them about almost everything and then STILL do the bulk of it all by myself. Yes, that sounds like a plan.Um, NO. Does anyone else think this is a bad idea? I pretty much felt like about three-forths of the book was rediculously pointless, due to her extreme stupidity.This one definitely wasn't of the same caliber of the first in the Troubleshooters series, The Unsung Hero. For this one, I definitely was looking forward to hearing the stories of the secondary characters--Eve and Ralph from World War II era and Sam and Alyssa from present day--more than those of the main characters, Meg and John. Actually, come to think of it, Alyssa was really annoying me as well, with her larger-than-the-average-boulder-sized chips on her shoulder regarding her gender and race. I'm not saying there isn't some truth to what she experienced, but she took it way to far. For someone who wants to be judged on her own merits, she sure is awfully judgemental about Sam/Roger/Houston (at this point, I don't even remember what his real name is. Hopefully I'll have it figured out by his book, which I think is number six). She definitely has a lot of growing to do before she gets my vote as a sympathetic character; at this point I'm thinking Sam can definitely do better. Which leaves me with Eve and Ralph. I loved their story! Definitely a highlight of the book, especially since it wasn't obvious from the start what was going to happen there. It almost made up for the rest of the book. Almost. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of this series, but this one will never be counted among one of my favorites.
Karen wrote: "Auntee wrote: "You didn't like Into the Night? I liked that one with Mike and Joan-and there's a BIG story line with Sam and Alyssa, true.:) And yeah, Rossy, I'm pretty sure you won..."Thankfully i don't have to wait for my books. I went to the bookstore on thursday and got all the ones i didn't have already.
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