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Talosian Chronicles 5: Raptor Squadron

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Talosian Chronicles 5: Raptor Squadron - Plot & Excerpts

At least the governments of Earth seemed to have all agreed that this place would remain safe, and they wouldn't try to attack when 'the Terrans' visited. Everything was nice and quiet security-wise, but she was beginning to wonder if Ian was going to punch the American Ambassador in the face."Damocles, this is Control. Security Alert! Ensure the safety of the delegates and get them back to the ship as quickly as possible!" a voice called over her comm unit."Control, this is Williams. What's going on?" Cindy asked putting her hand to her ear. Ty Anders answered her. "Cindy, someone just grabbed Beth, Jenny and the kids. Three Marines are dead and another is in critical condition. We don't know how they did it, or who they are, but we do know they are using advanced weapons. We're not tracking Beth and Jenny's comm units either." "What?" Cindy hissed. "How the fuck did these Neanderthals get our tech? Hang on, Ian just finished his speech, I'll get him in the comm." Ian was already walking toward her with a concerned look on his face.

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