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Sugar On Top

Sugar on Top
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Sugar On Top
Sugar On Top

About book: A hot one. But when all the not thinking about Cal turned into thinking about Cal’s mouth—on hers—she switched to a cold one. It didn’t help.
    Who knew Cal could kiss like that? That he could kiss her like that? Besides their lips and his hand gently cupping her face, he hadn’t really touched her at all, and yet she felt him everywhere. Still could.
    She let out a breath and grabbed the meatloaf and a crockpot of low-sodium chili she’d made for her grandma to get her through the next few nights while Glory worked the closing shift at the Saddle Rack. Wrapping her raincoat over her new flannel PJs, she darted down the stairs and into the small farmhouse she grew up in.Jelly Lou sat in her wheelchair watching the limbs of the peach trees droop with rain. She wore teal sweats, matching fuzzy slippers, and pink lipstick.Glory kicked the door shut and low grunting was the only warning she got before a soft nose and scaly head disappeared beneath her pajama leg.Part dinosaur, part honey badger, and wearing more body armor than a gladiator, Road Kill, her grandmother’s armadillo, was so excited by the smell of the chili that he was trying to climb her leg to get it and leaving little claw marks all down Glory’s shins.“Down,”
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