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Sheriff In Her Stocking

Sheriff in Her Stocking
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Sheriff In Her Stocking
Sheriff In Her Stocking

About book: Standing in the small bathroom down the hall from her jail cell, she applied gloss to her lips and wondered what she should do. Respect for Rick raised several notches when he told her he wouldn’t consider seeing her until he severed his relationship with Lenore. He cared about Lenore’s feelings even though they had only been out a few times.
As far as staying in town, she had considered it because of Rick. She zipped up the small cosmetic bag and headed back toward her cell. After all, what’s not to like?  He’s gorgeous, sexy and honorable at least where women were concerned.
But the only money she had was slated for a deposit on an apartment and the first month’s rent. Beyond that she needed a steady flow of income. Delaney sat on the edge of the cot and pulled on a pair of thick socks. She had dreamed of finding a man who truly appreciated her not only for the woman she was but her generous curves as well. Could Rick be that man?  What if he turned out to be like her former two-timing boyfriend?  She reached for her boots and tugged them on.
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