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Riding Freedom (1999)

Riding Freedom (1999)
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Riding Freedom (1999)
Riding Freedom (1999)

About book: I selected this book named Riding freedom because when i first looked it feels in me that have to read it. Then i was rigth when i first read the three page it motive me so fast.This book makes you think alot of things you maight know. Makes you motive an express your self. i see this book intersting aint iwas right.Also my teacher ms. Nelso tell me that is a good book to read. I think that i maight dont like it but its a great book. when you started to read it seen to you a interesting book. its amazing book beacuase when you see it to the back tells you alot of details.when you infer that book stay looked seen the picture that has in the front telling to you some sadness things.These are my thoughts. The first part i liked in the story is when charlotte parents risk well give them lifes for her. This thing motive me because her father and mother dieds instantly an accident because of them horses who killed them parents so bad.Then after that happens some people cames to take her to the orpanage. she doesnt have family anymore.she is alone no just like the other kids that living in the orpanage.When she was with his parents she has the most happies girl. Then none of the parts of the book were connected with me. Well it connected with my dad familier because i had heard but afew years ago on mexico when this happens to him.Then were he had the same problem as charlotte. His parents dieds like the way her parents dieds when he was young. He tells my dad that feels so horrible when you loose your parents. He was saying that you dont want to leave anymore because you dont have no one in your life like your parents who cant help you when you need it. You dont want to fight for nothing. tttttttttttt The moments i were liked was when charlotte fights for freedom. like she dont give up when she was alone by herself with know one who cant help her. she was the first women who but because know one knows that she was a women. Also she was having the things that she was fighting for.The part for me was short but has a important event was when charlotte was saying¨ Every time you fall, you learn something new. i think this is so true beacuase life give´s you some risk to you to value your life. life treaths you becuase you have to live that way its to dont go to the wron way. she is saying if you fall figth for it and dont give up. tttttt The most problematic part was when charlotte scape of the orpanage becase she doesnt wan to leave no more like that. she wants freedom needs to be like aint a bird. she scape she doesnt no who lifes is outside with no one who can´t procted you. Who cant give you hospitality. She is alone by her self with no money. Then the lordship demand some people to look for herand and bring her back. she was faking to be a men thats the way know cant find her. I finish this book then i looked for other one by the same author the named ¨Pam Muños Rayn. The book seen´s the same expressions. Hads different problems. The samethings the books haves is when maya parents dieds when she was a young girl like charlotte. She likes horse´s like charlotte too. She always think positive she doesnt give up.I suggest this book beacuase its so intersthing you maight read it. It´s amazing book you should read it you can loose nothing to read a very litter then if you like it keep reading. This book it makes you think so deeply. Makes you connected with your self. You should do it read it because this book is so wonderful for real´s i dont mind you to read but you should try it.I think if doesnt look for you intersting try your best aint you will see how wonderful is this book. Im not laying to you beacuase i read this before thats why i been telling you to try it. Also if you read it makes me so happy. But for reallys that im saying that truth. You know i defend this book because you dont know how hard makes me think.

You should do whatever it takes to your dream . This story is about a girl who was strong, healthy, smart, and brave. This is a story based on Charlotte Darkey Parkhurrst it is told by a narrator who changed the story a little but kept most of it real. When Charlotte was a little girl she was placed into an orphanage because both her parents were killed in a stage wagon accident Charlotte was the only survivor. While she lived at the orphanage she had to work in the kitchen but the lady that worked there did not let people adopt Charlotte because she didn't want to loose the help around the kitchen. When Charlotte finished all her chores she would go ride horses and take care of them but one day Mr. Millshark told her she wasn't allowed to ride the horses or even go near them just because it wasn't lady like so Charllote made a plan to runaway. Charlotte ranaway and pretended to be a boy to get work but Mr. Millshark had heard about her and came searching for her... Read this book to find out what happens to Charlotte does she get found and taken back or does she get away. This was a good book I would recommend this book to my friends. I will recomend it to my friends because we are interested in the same types of books. The writing I didn't really find effective only because personally I like to read a book that is in the charecters perspective. This book is not part of a series but if it were i would have read the series.
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I totally loved this book! I didn't discover it was a true story until the final chapter. I thought a lot about how I admire those who can train horses without fear. They are smart animals, but they are huge! The final few chapters were set in Watsonville, CA - Jonathan and I lived there at the beginning of our marriage. It is so pretty there (and home to the world's largest grower of strawberries!) The author did a great job describing the land's beauty. It's the story of the first woman who vo
I think this will be useful to me, and the story of the real person is pretty cool, but I wish I'd liked this more, especially since it's Pam Muñoz Ryan. Probably just a factor of its intended audience (it's level P, and I don't truly love many books below an R/S, which makes sense due to character and plot complexity and description) plus the fact that it needed to encompass an entire life's major events in scenes within 150 pages or however many. But still: interesting plotline; useful for kids studying character relationships and time jumps and the importance of setting; still disappointing since my expectations were high.
Phoua Yang
Riding freedom was a great book to read. When I first read the book, I was intrigued by the main character's, Charlotte, background story. From there I thought the book was a fiction book about a heroic woman on a journey to fulfill a life long dream. It wasn't until I finished the book that I noticed an author's note. The author's note talked more about Charlotte's life and how she managed to achieve her dream of being free on her own private property with the people she cares about. As soon as I finished reading the author's note, I flipped the pages back to the verso page and found that the book was categorized as juvenile literature! From what I learned in Dr.Kaback's course this book is classified as a biography written in narrative form. This was the first time I saw non-fiction in a whole new light. Non-fiction was no longer just boring textbook information laid out in text but can also be narrative and exciting. Riding Freedom was a great read!TDQs: 1. Compare and contrast how Charley/Charlotte saw the world before and after she was left with only one good eye ( What was Charlotte's attitude towards riding as a stage coach driver after her eye was damaged? Use textual evidence and direct quotes to explain your answer(s) ( What was the significance of Charlotte's leather bracelet? What significance did the leather bracelet have when Charlotte shared it? Answer questions using textual evidence from a series of chapters to explain the significance of the leather bracelet throughout the story (
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