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Lover's Lane (2004)

Lover's Lane (2004)
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Lover's Lane (2004)
Lover's Lane (2004)

About book: Single mother Carly Nolan has built a life for herself and her six year old son Christopher. Living, working and accepted in the seaside village of Twilight Cove where she ahs made a few friends, yet she has never fully relaxed her vigil that one day her past will catch up with her. All that changes when Jake Montgomery shows up in Twilight Cove. Jake is a private investigator following the rail of a painting by Carly ends up in Twilight Co9ver looking for Caroline Graham who disappeared with his friend Ricks Baby. Rick’s parents have always been prepared to do anything to get their grandson back. Somewhere Jake gets under Carly’s defences. You can almost see what is going to happen and yet there are a couple of twists along the way. I did like the descriptions of the paintings and the ethereal figures that Carly paints. I liked Carly and the relationship with her son, though I had a bit of difficulty reconciling the teenager who had been in and out of foster homes with this single devoted mother. But any story that involves a battle for custody of a child is nearly always going to have me on board. It’s a quick read and I quite enjoyed it, though I could have done without a couple of the graphic sex scenes. That aside, if you’re looking for a beach read and a mostly enjoyable story that will engage, you could do a lot worse despite the dreadful title which made me wonder how I even picked it up. It was probably the beach scene on the front that drew me.
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