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Come Spring (1992)

Come Spring (1992)
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Come Spring (1992)
Come Spring (1992)

About book: Hmm...not sure about this one. I like the H and h for parts of it and wanted to strangle them for others. The H's name also bugged me a bit. I know he is supposedly to have a simple country name but still I cannot reconcile his name to his image for some reason and must say I just cringe sometimes when his name is mentions, name snob that I am...I hated the h at the beginning. She is spoilt callous and effacious, but she grew throughout the book into a confident and self sufficient young woman that is not afriad to go for what she wants and own up to her actions.The H has to be the most contrasting male lead I have known. He is big fierce looking with a tender heart and gentle hands, he also has a basic decency that any intimacies they had were mostly at the h's instigation. I found his shock at her advances so deliciously cute, as well as his shy blushes. This H also is very emotional and probably is one that shed tears the most, which is endearing.The main issue I have is the fact that the story seems to drag on a bit with the same problems being brooded on page after page. The pace is pretty slow which I understand considering the two needed to spend time together to fall in love. What got me impatient is the separation, which I expect, but then again there is the drag of going through the same problem they face again and again, which I am temped myself to say to them yea just forget about it already. Not even sure about the separation again as if he couldn't figure out during the first time what he wants, why all of a sudden will the second shorter one even make a difference. Puzzling...The ending, with all the draggy problem being reinforced again and again, seem a bit rushed in contrast and not too satisfactory. The same problem is still there, just that one finally mold into something else to make it happen. I find it worrying, and guess if the author didn't inprint time and again what differences they have not only in status, wealth but also a preferred way of life, I would have felt better. I am not of the believe that one can change it's preference in life.
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I really like this book. Buck Scott corresponds with a woman in Boston to be his mail order bride. Turns out she is sour grapes, but before he can meet her she sees this huge mountain of a man from the mountains in Wyoming just outside her train where he has come to pick her up and take her back into the mountains. She ducks out and runs the other way, leaving incriminating evidence that another Botonian passenger is really her. Anneka Storm is the other Botonian passenger. She has just left Boston and her parents and a groom at the altar to go on an adventure to Wyoming to see her brother and sister-in-law. She is very pretty, sheltered, a little spoiled and doesn't know how to do very much other than sit pretty.Buck kidnaps her at knife point. He doesn't believe her when she protest that she is not his MOB. By the time he believes her they are snowed in his cabin with his 3 yr old neice that he is raising. On my Nook
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