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Dorothy Garlock - [Dolan Brothers]

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Dorothy Garlock - [Dolan Brothers] - Plot & Excerpts

At first she had been consumed with self-pity, cried, and pounded her forehead on the floor. Then a feeling of elation swept over her. The thrill that knifed through her settled in her genital area. Her hand went there, and she lay on the floor caressing herself as she did sometimes when she was in bed wishing her husband would come to her and do the things he had done the night they met. Until then she had only imagined what wonderful things went on between a man and a woman.
She had liked the pain when he took her virginity. She had liked it when, far too drunk to realize it, he had been rough with her. She had liked it so much that she was determined to have Tom for a husband, and knew that if she told her parents, they’d make him marry her.
She told.
And they did.
But only on their wedding night had he done that wonderful thing to her. And he had been so gentle that it had infuriated her. The next day he had looked at her as if she were a stray cat! She was sure that she could have persuaded him to stay in her bed if not for the damn kid that started growing in her body.

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