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Demon Slave (Shadow Quest Book 2)

Demon Slave (Shadow Quest Book 2)
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Demon Slave (Shadow Quest Book 2)
Demon Slave (Shadow Quest Book 2)

About book: She had never been so angry at someone in her life. Marik’s careless threat about her never seeing Ava again—even though he’d promised—had nearly brought her to tears.
But if Rex knew where Lidian was, then this horrible trip could be...well, a little less horrible.
    “Well? Have you ever taken anyone? A Cyrellian female, named Lidian?” Nadua prompted, ignoring the hurt that still tore at her.
It wasn’t from being kept from Ava. No matter what that demon thought, Nadua was going to see her again. What caused the painful ache inside was that she had actually begun to trust Marik, and enjoy his company. She was even starting to get used to her attraction to him.
Then he’d turned into a lying warden, threatening to take away what she wanted most. The bastard had even flashed his fangs at her!
Sure, she had run. But for all the gods, where was she going to go?
    “Why would I kidnap one of them?” Rex brought her back to the conversation.
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