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Choices of Fate (2013)

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S. Simone Chavous

Choices Of Fate (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

I really loved this book and then spent hours to read it in one day. And then I get to the ending.......I hate getting involved with the chars and liking them then BAM shit just hits the fan. Truthfully I should have read the reviews and gotten the cliffhanger because if I would of known I would not have read it. The reason I did not purchase and read the last divergent book. I am a huge HEA fan and this was just Grrr. I'll stay away from the tragedies thank you. I really liked this book. It is the 1st book in the Fate Series & I downloaded it for free from Amazon UK.It was all about the love of the 2 main characters Alexa Ryan & Ethan Keller. I felt that this story is a typical contemporary romance novel only set in a paranormal world.The rampant sex & brutal violence featured so prolificly in the adult vampire romance genre is only present in this book occasionally and I feel that it is well written and adds to the depth of this tale.

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tjis was great to read and totally didnt expect the ending

look like nice book i like the Arthur

Is a great book to read

spoiler: unhappy ending

June 16, 2013

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