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A Matter of Truth (2013)

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A Matter Of Truth (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

~~~~~~~~~4.5~~~~~~~~~~More love triangle drama but it is so tragically delicious I couldn't resist it. It is the epitome of a horribly unavoidable love triangle. The rest of the series' content is really innovative and very interesting, it should definitely have been featured more. The writing is good but not the best I've read and the grammatical errors were a little off putting. There are some "oh Chloe, oh Jonah" sexy bits which I am not usually inclined to like in a fantasy book but it was done rather tastefully. All in all not a bad way to pass a day or two. Absolutely love this series!! This story begins with Chloe in her new life that she has created for herself, as Zoe White, alone in Alaska. Even with the pain of being away from those she loves, Chloe slowly makes a life for herself and begins to understand herself. Many unresolved issues from the previous books now have solutions, but they are now face with a new set if challenges. I'm certainly going to be in the worst book hangover after this one. Can't wait for the next book. Matter of Truth Soundtrack:Volcano by Phillip PhillipsSleep Little Town by The White BuffaloQueen of California by John MayerTime Keeper by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

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Ugh I somehow deleted my review. I'll have to find it on amazon and repost here.

I CANNOT wait for this book!!!

I have to have this book!

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