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Accepted Fate (2014)

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Accepted Fate (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

This was a wonderful and heartbreaking read. This book will cause you to ugly cry so be prepared and make sure you have your tissues on you. Kinzleigh Baker is 17 years old, she lives in Long Beach, California and she has plans to become a professional cheerleader. She's been working on it for years, has a personal trainer that helps her and she's on her way. But as the old quote goes - If you want to make God laugh, tell him your future plans. People can make plans upon plans and do their best to obtain it but life will always change and you gotta roll with it. Heartbreak makes people feel that if they can make plans and stick to it then they won't be hurt more in the future. It's a coping mechanism but when we finally let go we start to really live. Kinzleigh has just found out that she and her parents will be moving across the country the summer before her senior year of high school. While still in California, she meets a guy that actually gets through her walls. Breyson actually makes her pay attention to a guy and feel something. She's been closed off and not interested in dating for years. So for one week, they get to know one another and they feel something for each other. But then he has to go back home to Mississippi and she's moving. But then she actually moves to the same town Breyson lives in in Mississippi and she finally opens up to the possibility of someone. Both Breyson and Kinzleigh are scared and not used to actually using their hearts and opening them up to someone else. But when they do, they realize that there is a love that is so intense and so worth the risk. But there will always be ups and downs and things you aren't expecting. Now Kinzleigh is going to have to deal and face so many things on her own. Kinzleigh is so scared of being hurt and so stuck on controlling things and the future she seems that she just misses so much of her life. She's pursuing things but she's missing the forest for the trees. But Breyson makes her open up and see that love is worth so much and especially for a guy that will do anything for you. Breyson is a treasure. He's seen how love can destroy another person and has never wanted to let that happen to him but then Kinzleigh walks into his life and he realizes the truth. Breyson is so wonderful and loving. He would walk through fire for his love for Kinzleigh. The two characters are wonderful together. This book is so worth reading and now I'm going to start the next book in the series. A tedious slog thanks to pages and pages of exposition. The characters don't speak, they pontificate. Paragraph after paragraph is devoted to describing every single detail, from buckles on shoes to color of eyeshadow. Punctuation errors are common, homophone errors too. The grammar made my head hurt. If you care about the state of written English, stay away.The story is boy meets girl on summer vacation, boy leaves girl behind to move home, girl ends up moving to boy's hometown, cliffhanger. The only thing original about the book are the character names: Kinzleigh, Ryland, Breyson, Londyn, Presley (girl), Briar (boy), Madleigh, Callea, Konnor. If a character has a popular name spelled normally, there's a very good chance he/she is less than virtuous. There's very little tension; everyone adores everyone else aside from the evil ex-girlfriend and the men who instalust after our heroine (which make the hero angry, natch). Lots and lots of slut shaming in this one, although nearly every character engages in casual sex as a matter of course so why the name calling? Either you own your sexuality or you don't, and if you do then stop using your sexual freedom to call everyone else a whore. The girls are all cheerleaders, the boys are all football stars, so if you are looking for a more nuanced depiction of gender roles, go elsewhere. In fact, the hero's and heroine's life goals are to be an NFL player and NFL cheerleader respectively.I finished this because the other reviews referenced the ah-mazing cliffy - well, it's amazing all right. Amazingly far-fetched and disregards the known laws of physics. This book needed a date with a very good developmental editor and a terrific copy editor before being uploaded to the 'Zon. There are a few moments of genuine emotion that make the reader care, but they are few and far between. And the expository, clunky prose renders them all but invisible.

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Great story by an awesome new author. Loved the story and I can't wait to read the next .

did not finish


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