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Blast From The Past 1

Blast From The Past 1
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Blast From The Past 1
Blast From The Past 1

About book: the security guard said as I entered the newly renovated building in downtown Pittsburgh. “Can I help you?”
    I was immediately impressed by the open layout and décor of the space. It was sleek, modern, and edgy—and, so was rEcore’s choice in security guards. The one who greeted me was a tall, leggy brunette with a killer rack bulging beneath her super tight uniform. She looked more like she belonged in a porno than on the front end of a Fortune 500, industry-leading IT company. I couldn’t have imagined her enforcing or defending anything. Either someone in HR was trying to make a statement when they hired her, they had a really sick sense of humor, or they didn’t think rEcore actually needed protected.
    “Hi,” I said, straightening my posture and instinctively heaving my chest out a little. “It’s my first day here.”
    “What’s your name?” the leggy brunette asked, glancing down at the tablet she was holding, which I hadn’t even noticed until that point.
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