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Read Azrael's Light [Demon Runners Of Unearth] (Siren Publishing Classic) (2013)

Azrael's Light [Demon Runners of Unearth] (Siren Publishing Classic) (2013)

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Azrael's Light [Demon Runners Of Unearth] (Siren Publishing Classic) (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Juggling busy hours and worry over Alia’s disappearance had taken a toll on her energy and sanity.
    Maybe she should turn the bar over to Alice tomorrow and take a night off. She’d been thinking about promoting her. She was more than capable of running the show. Or she could even close it down all together for a night or two. Her staff wouldn’t know what to do if she gave them a night or two off with full pay. She could afford the minor loss, and they had more than earned it. As a bonus, it might prompt Alia to stop by and check on things if she was in the area. Whether it was out of worry or curiosity, Diane would take the chance it might draw her out. Alia knew she hadn’t closed the bar one night in the twelve years she’d owned it.
    Before that she’d owned and operated another club for fifteen years. When she was satisfied it would thrive in the staff’s hands, she’d made her assistant manager an offer he couldn’t refuse and sold it to him.

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