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A Permanent Member Of The Family (2013)

A Permanent Member of the Family (2013)
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A Permanent Member Of The Family (2013)
A Permanent Member Of The Family (2013)

About book: Actually Billy walks into a neighborhood grocery store, not a bar, and he’s only pretending he has a parrot on his shoulder. He’s trying to think of a new version of an old joke. When Billy’s depressed or scared—and this morning he’s both—he has imaginary conversations with himself.
The place is a combination grocery-liquor-cigar store smelling of three-day-old fish, sour milk and tobacco, on Alton Road a block north of Lincoln, between the hotels on the beach and the condos on the bay. Squeezed between a Burger King and a massage parlor, the store is dim and dingy—four narrow, crowded aisles with a single cash register operated by a thin Chinese woman in her fifties. Her arms are crossed and she’s gazing at the ceiling deep in thought when Billy strolls in with his invisible parrot. He stops here several times a week on his way to or from work at the hotel and he sort of knows her, although they’ve never really talked.
She ignores him and he feels himself and the parrot fade.
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